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Is it true that there is an online business without capital that makes millions?


Jul 26, 2017

It cannot be denied that everyone wants to gain more wealth. Therefore, they do various ways to make this happen, one of which is by pursuing online business. What is clear is that their target is to live well and be able to buy the things they want.

Unfortunately there are several obstacles that make it difficult to obtain more wealth. One of the problems is the lack of capital to start a business from scratch. How could it not be, almost every business ever carried out by humans is often faced with business capital problems. Apart from that, it is not uncommon that even though you already have the initial capital, the potential fear of facing business bankruptcy also increases.

It is not easy to become rich with limited capital. However, this problem should not make you weak in spirit and unwilling to become an online businessman. Don’t worry because there are still several online businesses without capital that have the potential to make a lot of money. So, this is good news for internet users.

Online business without capital that makes millions

Is it true that there is an online business without capital that makes millions?

1. Become a paid article writer (Content Writer)

Nowadays, being an article writer can be said to be a tempting business opportunity.
How could it not be, with writing skills someone can earn quite a large monthly income.

The capital required to become a paid article writer is very small. You only need a computer or laptop for typing media.

The internet quota usage is also very small. This is because you only need to look for reference sources as material for writing articles, most of which are in the form of text and not images or videos.

If you can write 5-10 articles per day with a minimum word count of 400 then you can make around 2.5 million – 6 million per month. This income is certainly quite large because the capital spent is very small.

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2. Become a Blogger

If you don’t like being a paid online writer, but also like writing, it would be a good idea to become a blogger.
Blogging today has become a profession that has a strong enough influence that many office employees end up resigning from their jobs.

The only capital needed to become a blogger is a computer or laptop, an internet connection and writing skills. After that you create a website or blog. Don’t worry because you can use a free blog provider like “Blogger.com”. After that, you can register your blog as a Google Adsense publisher, Bidvertiser.com, Kliksaya.com if the number of articles and visitors to your blog is large. There are also many free blogs that earn big income, such as “Strukturkode.blogspot.co.id” with Google Adsense.

As for paid domains or hosting, you can renew it when your blog has made a lot of money. However, don’t worry because there are many of the best domain and hosting service providers in Indonesia. Some of them even provide free premium domains (Dot.Com or (Dot).Net. So, once you buy a certain hosting package you get a premium domain.

Some professional bloggers recommend several hosting services, such as Herman Yudiono , who uses the NiagaHoster.co.id hosting service for the DuniaKaryawan.com blog . Meanwhile, Medhi Aginta Hidayat uses DewaWeb.com hosting services for the Blogguebo.com blog. Now which one do you choose for your personal blog?

3. Become a broker / agent

To make millions of rupiah from your business, you don’t need to bother making and marketing other people’s products.
In this online digital advancement, you can collaborate with Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) entrepreneurs that you know by marketing them through a personal website or blog.

For example, if you know an interior design, poultry or furniture entrepreneur, you can work with them to market their products through a website or blog for a fee (commission). So, when a customer orders via your website, you immediately get a commission, for example a certain percentage, from the entrepreneur according to the agreement.

Apart from the website, you can market their products through social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Of course, if you use social media, you will spend almost no capital unless you want to use Facebook ads as a marketing medium.

4. Selling services/expertise

Internet service providers are now starting to be appreciated by internet users, especially bloggers or entrepreneurs.
So it’s not surprising that selling services or skills can make money.

If you have the skills to create logos, blog/website templates or t-shirt designs and so on, you can try to utilize these skills. You can sell services through personal contact or through other people’s websites. Media websites that can accommodate your skills such as design include Freelancer.com. 

The capital you spend is almost non-existent because you rely more on imagination and creativity.
So, you just need to provide a computer/laptop device, internet connection and payment media (via bank or Paypal).

In conclusion, in essence there is no online business without a penny of capital. As for the title above, I used the word without capital because basically computers, laptops, smartphones, internet connections or internet banking are things that internet users usually have. So, it is not considered new capital. However, with this capital you can make millions of rupiah per month from the online business above. 

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