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Is it true that finding article title ideas is difficult? Possible?


Nov 28, 2015

Are you having trouble finding article title ideas for your blog?
How can I find it immediately? Are there keywords in the title? Maybe these are some of the questions that often arise in the minds of some bloggers, especially bloggers who are just starting to build a blog.

How could it not be seen from several different points of view that there is difficulty in determining the title of an article with keyword content. Even though there are many different types of keywords available in various keyword tools such as Google Adwords, it turns out that most of them boil down to the main keyword. Of course, there are few keywords like this.

If you are not very creative in creating article titles, I think the amount of your content will be very small. If you can write content with a word length of 1000-3000 words, it might not be a problem if your content is small. Because articles like this usually have lots of main keywords with detailed explanations.

Apart from that, judging from the number of words, articles like this usually have a lot of keywords so that almost all the keywords are targeted. However, first page articles are usually more than 1000 words long. So it is not surprising that articles like this have a large number of visitors from search engines.

But what if you have difficulty creating long and detailed content? Of course this is what most people experience. Never mind writing more than 1000 words to consistently write articles of 300-600 words per day, it can be a serious problem, especially if you are not creative in finding new article titles and expressing them in your writing.

However, increasing the number of articles is still an effective way to get visitors. Even though it is difficult and tiring, in reality the potential to bring in lots of visitors is faster.

Then how do you get ideas for new article titles

1. Visit free article sites.
It cannot be denied that sites like this have a large number of articles. How could they not provide space for bloggers to do guest blogging? This is how article provider sites work.

If you have difficulty finding ideas for the latest article titles, you can use this site to read. You will get hundreds or even thousands of published article titles.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to visit it. Even though most of the sites are in English, this is still an effective site for looking for ideas for the latest blog article titles. Sites ArticlesBase.com , GoArticles.com or EzineArticles.com be your choice for looking for article title ideas.

2. Forum / Q&A sites
It is normal for forum sites to be an alternative for getting ideas for article titles. Apart from the many questions that arise there, there are also many experienced bloggers who provide answers. Even though it is short, at least the main idea has been obtained to make it into the latest article. You can visit Ads.id for starters.

3. View the blog sitemap
One way to find ideas for the title of your next article is to look at the sitemap / table of contents of other people’s blogs. Of the many ways, perhaps this method is the fastest. How could it not be that with one click you can see all the article titles belonging to other people’s blogs. You can search for popular blogs with a large number of articles such as Dailyblogtips.com Copyblogger.com, or Problogger.net.

Of course, as a blogger, you are not advised to take the title of their article at face value. Why? Look, if you take their title directly, it means the title of your article will be the same as theirs, so your title is indicated as plagiarism.

Apart from that, you will have difficulty competing with them if the articles you write are below their SEO quality. Moreover, if the number of words in their article is more than the number of words in your blog article. This could backfire to attract potential visitors.

Those are some blog tips and tricks that I use to find ideas for new article titles on my blog based on 9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles . This method may seem long and tiring, but it may be that from this method the titles I find and the articles I write will be better and of better quality. Why? Because apart from observing the title, I also glanced at their article. So it’s like diving in water. How? 

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