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Is it possible to write 2-3 articles per day? Think?


Nov 28, 2015

As a blogger who wants to be successful, writing articles is of course a top priority.
Apart from being able to increase the amount of content, you can also increase the number of keywords in the blog. The goal is that longtail keywords can gradually shift to shorttail keywords. That way the blog ranking position will be better.

Even though there are many things to consider, that doesn’t mean that the plan to post 2-3 articles per day is just wishful thinking.
In fact, there are several things that support the achievement of this plan, one of which is a reference source.

Although this plan is not an easy thing to do.
Moreover, you have to pay attention to the number of words and keywords. However, with a series of correct and appropriate processes, this can be overcome.

Is it possible to write 2-3 articles per day?  Think?

Thinking about writing 2-3 articles per day feels like you need a source of inspiration for writing articles and ideas for article titles.
Why is that? Frankly, some bloggers have difficulty writing good articles. Not because there is no material written, but because there are too many reference sources, which actually causes confusion.

On the other hand, the title of the article is also important.
Most bloggers write short titles so that they don’t encourage visitors to read. As a result, visitors choose titles that are more unique and interesting. Apart from that, many of the titles are exactly the same so the popularity of the blog is the main reason to visit. Of course, this will be detrimental to your own blog if your blog loses its start.

Therefore, you need a good and correct way of keyword research.
However, don’t underestimate your blog competitors. Remember, a long life does not guarantee a blog will be more popular. Everything is determined by the quality of the article itself.

Back to the plan of writing 2-3 articles per day.

The question is is it possible?

To answer this question, the following factors are key

1. Reference sources for writing articles.

If you answer that writing 2-3 articles per day is impossible then you are wrong.
Even though it is tiring and troublesome, the fact is that to produce writing you can find many reference sources. If you are focused and creative, writing in quantity can happen.

You need to know that there are various reference sources.
It can be blogs, books and ebooks are available. It’s just a matter of how you maximize it.
2. I have explained

the source of the article title in Is it Really Difficult to Find Article Title Ideas?
How to solve article title problems. Therefore, it is no longer the place to complain and be lazy. All article title sources are available and easy to search. If so, writing 2-3 articles per day is a reality.

Even though there are many sources available, it doesn’t mean that your article will be limited to their article title.
Even though there are many titles, try to be creative in composing article titles with content that has not been discussed by them. So that your article will be very unique in the eyes of readers and search engines.

3. How to write articles

If you have read various article sources and paid attention to the way they organize articles, you will definitely be able to write.
Even though the articles you produce are the result of adopting their style. However, in reality, if the writing style you imitate is a quality article, it means you are lucky. Why?

Just imagine if you wrote by collecting several quality writing styles.
Surely your article will be better and more interesting. However, don’t forget your own imagination. However, writing in your own style is better. Remember, being able to write is not a hereditary factor, but due to consistent writing practice.


Based on the factors above, it feels like writing 2-3 articles is no longer a problem.
Especially if you have been studying the world of blogging for quite some time. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try to produce more content. That way, your opportunity
to make money from blogging can be realized more quickly through these Blog Tips . Good luck! 

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