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Is It Possible for a Blogger to Write a Book


Nov 29, 2015

When you decided to enter the world of blogging, did you think that one day you would have to write a book?
What do you think? Is writing on a blog just a hobby, do you follow other people or do you have your own point of view? Whatever your reason, the reality is that blogging is becoming more and more popular.

In this regard, sometimes I am surprised why some professional bloggers abroad almost have books to sell to the public. Based on the blogs that I encountered, apart from diligently writing articles on their blogs, they also include premium books or ebooks or tools for sale.

Even though their blog visitors are thousands of people from various countries. Plus, these blogs can generate tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Isn’t it surprising they still bother putting together books for sale? Impact?

From here I wonder whether their blogging results are not satisfactory enough? In fact, the blogs that I came across have a lot of large income from their blogs. But they still sell their work. You definitely know Problogger.net besides earning through advertising, also sells books both on blogs and through Amazon.com affiliates.

Back to the problem, is it possible for a blogger to write a book?

Regarding writing a book, it feels like it might happen in the future.

How can a blogger not update their content regularly? Besides that, doesn’t a blogger have to read a lot and use various necessary facilities? SEO tools are one of them. From these SEO tools, bloggers can learn to write unique articles , find out the source of backlinks, find out if your links are broken and so on.

Learning from the use of these tools, it feels like your blogging skills will increase in quality. This is where it is important to maximize all SEO tools for blogging. How could it not be from this availability that knowledge and experience are formed. Therefore, it is not surprising that writing a book can become a reality.

Even though writing a book is not an easy job, in reality there are many book authors who do not have a background in the world of journalism. They only rely on their ability to express and experiment. Even so, the resulting book received a good response from buyers. Call it the ebook How to Write Quality Posts (CMPB) by Herman Yudiono, the owner of the site Blogodolar.com site.

Therefore, I am sure that one day I will be able to write a book. Even though you have to go through a long and tiring challenge, it feels like with determination, determination and a lot of practice writing articles, anything is possible.

What needs to be paid attention to is how to consistently produce quality articles. However, writing articles has obstacles and constructive challenges. Reflecting on professional bloggers feels quite motivating and revives the fighting spirit to write a book. What do you think? 

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