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Is Blogger a Career Path? The proof?


Nov 24, 2015

Basically, blogger work is a career path other than academics?
Why? Obviously, from blogging activities, a blogger is challenged to present something valuable and proud.

Even though many people pursue internet marketing, in reality many also fail and give up. How could it not be that a true blogger is someone who is able to present unique, quality and interesting content.

However, you should be proud to be a blogger. However, a blogger’s career path can be seen from the following things. Here’s the proof.

Is Blogger a Career Path?  The proof?

1. Initially copy-paste articles, finally
it cannot be denied that for a beginner blogger, writing blog articles is not an easy thing to do. How could it not be that knowledge about the world of writing is the main problem. Plus, the number of words recommended by bloggers is between 400-700 words per article.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some of them copy-paste articles more or less. As a first step, this method is fine as long as it is not used as capital for monetizing your main blog.

However, you still have to practice writing and improve the quality of your language and style so that your writing is easy for readers to understand. Don’t be afraid to try to show the results of your writing on a blog. Apart from that, suggestions and criticism from readers will make you more creative.

Over time and experience, your writing will definitely get better, more unique and of better quality. Apart from that, getting appreciation from other people is certain. After all these things, you can produce work that is more powerful than just blog articles.
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2. After success with 1 blog, move on to
After creating a blog and managing it in a focused and serious manner and having a lot of content published, the blog will definitely become big and popular. In this case, many people will definitely want to comment on your blog. Whether it’s just asking questions or suggestions and criticism, you can also share experiences.

to In this regard, the blog is certain to have many visitors every day. In the midst of this, your blog can be monetized well and generate monthly money. These are the characteristics of a successful blog.

Related to this, a blogger usually wants to create and manage his next blog. This fact is what makes the blogger’s career path increase to become more extensive and complex.

3. After focusing on 1 topic/niche, move on to
As you already know, it is best to build a blog focused on 1 topic. That way, your concentration on producing articles will be more specific and targeted. The advantage is that your blog can be included as an authority (referral) blog.

As a mine digger, it is natural that if you know there is gold elsewhere you will definitely expand your excavation targets. Likewise with bloggers, if there is another topic that is also a prospect, while the previous topic is still the way to go, it will definitely be taken and so on. So bloggers will take off with lots of blogs and dominate the market.

4. After working overtime, finally
In an office, the highest position is the one with the most work. He can come first and leave last. Why? Obviously the responsibility is big. But in the world of blogging it is the opposite.

Initially I worked day and night just writing my own content, promoting my blog and looking for backlinks. However, over time the blog started making money and finally hired the services of an article writer. Hand over the task to them and you just sit back and think very briefly, but effectively. Isn’t being a blogger fun?


Even though a blogger does not have an academic degree or position in society. However, in reality, bloggers are a career path that can be known throughout the country and even the world. Not only that, the opportunity to make money is more promising than being a worker. Therefore, you should be proud to be a blogger. 

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