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Idwebhost Review, Could Your Hosting and Domain Solution be


Nov 9, 2018

Talking about blogs or online shop websites definitely cannot be separated from the desire to be known by many people on the internet or to sell online. This is not strange considering that blogs or online shop websites are strategic platforms for building personal branding and gaining optimal turnover. That’s why we can see that more and more internet users are creating blogs or online shop websites. Of course, the first step to start is to choose a web hosting and domain rental service .

The problem is that if you open a search engine like Google and type ”
hosting rental services ” then you will find dozens of hosting websites and domains. Of the many, you should not choose randomly or without thinking twice to start the online world.

One thing is certain, among hosting and domain rental service providers, they definitely offer the best to their potential customers.
However, that doesn’t mean that if you choose carelessly from this site you will get what you want. Often when a blog or website is online there is a period of server hosting downtime.

Hosting server downtime is a situation where your blog or website cannot be accessed by internet users.
The greater the level of downtime, the longer the site cannot be accessed. Surely you don’t want your favorite site to be down for a long time?

Slow and unstable servers are another part of the web hosting problem.
Of course, if the server is slow and unstable, it can result in your blog or website taking longer to load. If that happens, potential visitors to your website will think twice about visiting again someday.

Some web hosting services limit bandwidth every month.
This means that if you have reached a certain limit of the maximum bandwidth provided, your site can no longer accommodate the number of visitors. When your site experiences this, it is very likely that your visitors will run away because the page they want to open will not appear on the monitor screen. As a result, you have to bear the loss of potential prospects that could become your source of income. Do you want to experience this?

The best news comes from the web hosting and domain rental service provider site
Idwebhost.com . This site offers various superior features which are the expectations of blog or online shop website owners.

This is the official feature of the IdWebHost site

1. Free Domain

Every time you buy a hosting package, at least the cute package, you automatically get a free domain.
Domain extensions that you can choose include (.com, .net, .co.id, etc.). Even so, the .com extension is the most commonly chosen.

2. Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Secure websites usually implement SSL which functions to protect transactions on user websites with sophisticated data encryption technology.
When you choose Idwebhost they provide SSL Tier 1 for free. This is the appearance of a website that uses SSL.

3. Web Accelerator

Website speed when accessed is important to prevent potential visitors from leaving before reading the contents of your website page.
By hosting at Idwebhost, the server provided is equipped with Litespeed web accelerator so that your website speed is faster.

4. Unlimited Bandwidth

Idwebhost really pays attention to its customers.
Proof of this is that they offer unlimited bandwidth facilities so that you are free from the shadow of running out of your monthly bandwidth quota.

5. Free Web Builder

To make your website online immediately, you are provided with an easy-to-use web builder.
You just click, click, click and in less than 10 minutes your website is ready and can be accessed immediately.

6. Unlimited Email and Unlimited Database

A maximum service for web hosting services.
Because not all hosting rental services provide it.

The higher the hosting package you use, the more numerous and sophisticated the features will be.

Even though Idwebhost is a shared hosting service provider, the various products it offers can be an attractive choice for creating a website.
I think the hosting package it offers is more than enough to start your steps on the internet towards Go Online.

The hosting package options include:

1. Personal Package

This type of hosting package is not the right package to start your professional website.
The limited features and small disk space of only 90 MB and no customer support mean that this hosting package can be said to be just for fun or playing around.

In fact, it could even be just a means of learning to know the features in CPanel or opening a website with a CMS type such as WordPress about how it looks.
So it’s not surprising that this package is only 1000 rupiah per month. A small price in learning to create a website.

2. Cute Package

This type of hosting package has 2 GB of disk space, so if you regularly publish content on your website, there is little chance of disk space running out quickly unless you have a lot of video content on it.

This type of package is usually chosen by those who are starting an online business, either for a personal blog or an online shop.
Also suitable for community or organization websites.

Apart from a fairly large disk space, you also get unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, free domain for a year, free hosting migration, web email, POP3 email, email forwarding, anti-spam, catch all email, 1 addon domain, 1 park domain, unlimited sub domains, unlimited MYSQL databases, and instant backup. 

3. Awesome Package

Even though the price of the Awesome package is more expensive than the Cute package, this package is the most popular among the other packages.
If you do the math, the price is around 2 times the price of the cute package. Just imagine the price of the Cute package after the discount is around 18,900,- compared to the price of the Awesome package which after the discount is IDR 34,900,-. But that’s okay because the disk space provided is 5 GB. That’s a lot for a website.

It is the additional features in the awesome package that ultimately make website owners use it.
Among the additional features are 10 park domains, 10 addon domains, auto weakly backup, cloudflare.cdn, Google index, free Jejualan website, free WordPress, and free WooCommerce.

4. Fantastic Package

The Fantastic package could be the highest level of hosting package at Idwebhost for individuals.
Disk space of up to 8 GB makes this package very large for a personal website. However, this package does not rule out the possibility of being used by SME business people.

The features provided in this package are the same as the previous package and the option to choose a Premium WooCommerce Template is added.
Apart from that, park domains have increased to 20 and addon domains have also increased to 20. 

5. Corporate Package

This type of package is usually used for companies that have a fairly large business level with a wide reach.
This type of package is most likely also used by website owners whose sites have added web-based application features.

The Corporate package’s disk space is 15 GB with additional 50 park domains, 50 addon domains, daily backup, Desk.id, Chatonomy, Free Polivalent Templates, free online shop website, WordPress and Woocommerce.
Idwebhost Hosting Package

If you only need a domain without hosting, you can also go to Idwebhost.
You can check domain availability first to get started. Please check
here .

Even so, don’t make 
7 mistakes when choosing a domain name that can make it difficult for your blog to be popular

Apart from the types of shared hosting packages above, it would be incomplete without mentioning the various benefits that can be obtained from Idwebhost web hosting services.

The advantages of Idwebhost include:

1. 24 X 7 Customer Support Service

Full support 24 hours a day is provided for customer service so that every problem on the website can be resolved quickly and carefully.
Communication media that can be used are email, online chat, telephone, SMS, Whatsapp, social media, as well as services at Idwebhost’s own office.

2. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

As I mentioned above regarding server downtime, Idwebhost provides a server guarantee of 99.9% uptime.
The amount of uptime offered by a web hosting company can be a benchmark for their quality. The better their uptime, the more reliable the web hosting will be. Idwebhost’s 24-hour monitoring system ensures that the server is always uptime up to 99.9%.

3. Super Fast, Reliable and Stable Server

Idwebhost has several servers both at home and abroad that you can choose according to your wishes.
They use the latest and most advanced technology, and place servers in the best data centers. There are more than 60 servers from Idwebhost, both in Indonesia and the USA, that are active and can be used.

4. Easy Activation

You don’t need to have special skills to rent hosting services at Idwebhost.
Idwebhost has presented a design in such a way that is easy to use and can be accessed by anyone. This is because from start to activation it can be done easily. 

5. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

In order to maintain the trust of its customers, Idwebhost dares to provide a money back guarantee if within 30 days you are dissatisfied with the hosting service you are using.
They are ready to return your money. Of course, this is a good start when you want to rent a hosting service. If your website problems never end, you are free to terminate the contract as long as it does not exceed the 30 day limit.

Apart from everything I mentioned above, Idwebhost actually pampers its potential customers when they are confused about creating a website or want to improve the quality of the website to a higher level.
At least you can ask for the following services. 

2. Online Store Creation Services
Website and Online Store Creation Services
3. Dedicated Server

4. Setifikat SSL

Dedicated Server
5. Domain Id
6. Google Suite

Domain Id
In conclusion.

Is Idwebhost’s web hosting rental service suitable for you?

To answer this question, it would be good for us to know a little about Idwebhost’s journey from its founding until now.

The hosting and domain rental service company Idwebhost has been established since 2004.
Until now, the total number of customers using its services is around 100 thousand users spread across the country and abroad. A large number that shows how many customers trust Idwebhost’s services. There are around 122,000 active domains and are supported by 100 shared servers spread across Jakarta, Yogyakarta and the US.

And the most important thing is that Idwebhost is the first company in Indonesia to be
accredited by ICANN . What is ICANN? ICANN is a worldwide domain accreditation organization. This international accreditation clearly proves that Idwebhost is truly recognized internationally as a provider of hosting rental services.

Idwebhost is also
accredited by Pandi and the Ministry of Communication and Information . Pandi himself is the sole regulatory authority for Domain ID. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Communication and Information has accredited the Idwebhost company as an ID domain provider. 

If you look at this history, Idwebhost deserves to be called one of the best hosting rental service companies in Indonesia.

However, it’s up to you whether you want to create a personal website (blog) or online shop.
What is clear is that whatever your choice, the online world has become a large market with extraordinary potential to become successful. If you don’t start now then I’m afraid someone else will take a step forward first and leave you behind.

For this reason, immediately choose the shared hosting package you need at
Idwebhost.com . Create a site and build personal branding and promote products as soon as possible. 

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