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How to Write Unique Content


May 27, 2015

The key to successfully starting a blog so that it gets lots of visitors is to have quality content and regularly update the content.
Content is the content of a blog, most of which is in the form of writings that contain information for readers. Content usually discusses things that

closely related to the topic of the blog.

Blogs that have developed into authority blogs will have a lot of content that explains the topics discussed.
Authority blogs were born because they focus on writing content that specifically discusses the ins and outs of problem topics.

The first step towards an authority blog is knowing
how to choose the best blog topic for you so that your focus doesn’t get lost midway. Choosing this topic is very crucial considering building a blog for the long term. It’s best to choose a topic that you like or at least something that you’re interested in.

Before you can produce content, start
doing keyword research related to the topic you have chosen. This is important because you can use these keywords as the title of your content, although sometimes they require their own variations. 

To research keywords, there are several easy ways to use

  Google Search

  Google Adwords

If you have chosen a topic and researched keywords as content titles, then you can start creating content to fill your blog.
To be able to produce content you have to write unique and interesting articles. Writing requires skill and ability to arrange words into sentences that are meaningful and also enjoyable for the reader.

If your background is not in journalism, of course writing content will be difficult and can even make you pessimistic about building a blog.
Maybe some people choose a shortcut to build a blog, namely by using an article writing service. That’s fine, but if you run out of money your blog will stop too. 

That’s why I want to share tips on how to write unique and interesting content, namely:

1.   Titles that attract readers’ interest

. Make unique titles that create a buzz such as how, how, here, easy, etc., so that readers’ interest is awakened.
2.   Attractive first paragraph

When readers see the content, the thing that leaves the quickest impression is the first paragraph.
The first paragraph must have a magical element that can captivate the reader. Use words that can make your blog readers curious.
3.   Good writing style

You write content for readers and not for yourself, therefore write in a style that your readers like.
Don’t contain patronizing elements that will have a bad impact in the eyes of the reader, use friendly words that respect the reader.
4.   Provide benefits.

Make sure that what you write contains essence that can provide solutions for your readers.
You can take several references from other people’s blogs as content material, but you still have to write in your own writing style.
5.   Contains keywords.

You can also write SEO content for search engines so that it is easily indexed.
In principle, you have to insert several keywords from the title of your content between the essays you write, but not too many because it will be considered spam, just 5 – 9 keywords are enough.

Writing unique and quality content requires a lot of practice so don’t stop writing and keep working hard.
There are no shortcuts to achieving goals, everything requires ongoing process and consistency. (Read;
9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles ) Hopefully the tips above can help you in producing unique content and of course attract readers. 

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