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How to get the Codekat Plugin Free Landing Page Template Guaranteed 100%


Jan 29, 2021

For those of you who love websites with the WordPress CMS, you are certainly familiar with the term plugin. Plugins are an important feature that is really needed by a website. Whether it’s for the purpose of speeding up website loading, backing up website data, securing website data, to making the appearance of the website cooler to make it more professional so that it is pleasing to the eye of visitors.

However, not all WordPress plugins can be installed for free on your website. Some plugins are free and paid. Besides that, it’s also not good if you install a lot of plugins. Because you need to know, too many plugins will actually cause the website to work harder. As a result, the website looks slow even though the hosting features include high specs such as NiagaHoster, Domainesia, Idwebhost, Idcloudhost, etc.

Well… this time I want to share how to get one of the cool plugins for creating landing pages with the Elementor page builder. The plugin is “CODEKAT” .

What is code?

Codekat is a WordPress plugin that contains more than 50 ready-to-use elementor templates for creating landing pages or sales pages. Although currently only 50 templates are available. However, in the future Codekat users will get updates to up to 300 templates for free, without monthly or annual fees.

The codekat plugin itself has a very small size, less than 1 MB, so it definitely won’t burden your website’s performance. I myself, a codekat plugin user, have experienced this.

With the codekat plugin you can create various types of landing pages with various categories.
Currently there are 5 categories that are ready

1. Business

2. Services

3. Weddings

4. Affiliates, and

5. Branding

Check the complete demo here

In the future, the vendor will add other categories so that almost all the popular / most popular categories can be covered in this Codekat plugin.

If you want to see a demo of the codekat template display, please click here

What can I do if I already have the Codekat plugin?

The answer to this is actually simple:

After your website has Codekat installed, you can create a landing page more easily and quickly. You don’t need to create a landing page from scratch, don’t think too much about matching attractive colors and looking for any supporting images you need. You simply select a template according to category, edit it as you wish, then publish it on your website.

With the Codekat plugin, you can provide cool and professional landing page creation services to clients. The price of this service depends on who your client is, because you could get clients at the MSME or large class level.

Returning to the title of the article, then how do you get this Codekat Plugin for free, and of course the official original to install on your website?

The answer is there are 2 ways:

First, you have to use hosting according to my recommendation

Currently I can provide the Codekat plugin, if you buy a hosting package from NiagaHoster, Domanesia, Idwebhost, and Idcloudhost.

For NiagaHoster you have to buy a new hosting package by taking the Student, Personal & Business Package for 1 year. Use the discount code ” ARTAR ” so you get a 5% discount and be recorded as my referral.

If you have done this, contact me immediately, I will help you install WordPress plus I will install and activate the Codekat plugin license. That way you will get it done.

If you are a Domainesia customer , please use the ” ONLINEYUK ” coupon to help me install WordPress with a bonus Elementor Pro GPL plugin & Powerpoint Template.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in becoming an Idwebhost customer , please buy a new hosting package, at least the Awesome Hosting Package, use the coupon ” aff-ONLINEYUK ” then I will help you install WordPress with a bonus Elementor Pro GPL plugin & Powerpoint Template

Likewise, if you want to become an Idcloudhost customer , please buy a Cloud Hosting package, at least the Basic Pro Package, I will help you install WordPress with the bonus of the Elementor Pro GPL plugin & Powerpoint Template.

Make sure you order hosting for at least 1 year, then you can claim the Codekat plugin to me.

For information, please contact me on

here or


The second way to get the Codekat plugin is to first join my Telegram group at https://t.me/sharingbonusdigital . Keep monitoring this group, because when there are digital product vendors holding contests, I sometimes give bonuses in the form of Codekat Plugins.

Those are 2 free ways to get the Codekat plugin, directly without being drawn. If you are interested in getting the Codekat plugin on your sales website, please do one of these 2 things. Best wishes for online business success. 

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