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How to Create a Horizontal Menu on Blogger


Jun 30, 2015

To build a blog that is more pleasing to the eye and makes it easier for readers, a blogger must pay attention to the valuable aspects of the blog’s appearance.
By presenting a good blog appearance, it will create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors, whether for reading or just browsing the blog.

A valuable aspect of the blog display is the availability of a navigation menu.
The blog navigation menu functions to make it easier for visitors to browse article categories or view the blog as a whole. With the navigation menu, readers will find it easier to find the articles they want to read.

Some novice bloggers do not pay attention to this aspect, which has bad consequences for the development of the blog.
Visitors like blogs that make it easy to find what they need. A blog that doesn’t have a navigation menu is like a treasure island without a map. Although the existing articles are very valuable, without this menu you are unknowingly creating a poster 

If you can’t find what you are looking for autodidactically, then please leave this blog.
Thank you for visiting.

If the blog starts to give signals like this to visitors, you can be sure that the blog will be very empty of readers unless they just get lost finding the blog.

Creating a navigation menu is actually easy and can be done quickly.
All you have to do is do a little work and the results will be ‘wow’ for your blog. There are 3 variations of blog navigation menus that are widely used, namely horizontal menus, vertical menus, and a combination of the two.

This time we will create a horizontal navigation menu first.
This is because the horizontal menu fits perfectly under the header. For that, let’s just get started.

1. Login to your blogger Dashboard and open the layout page.

2. Next click ”
Add Gadget
Add a Gadget ” / “

3. Next, look for “HTML / Java Script” and click immediately

4. Please enter the code below in the window.

 <div id=”menu”>
     <li><a href=”LINK“>MENU 1</a></li>
     <li><a href=”LINK“>MENU 2</a></li>
     <li><a href=”LINK“>MENU 3</a></li>
     <li><a href=”LINK“>MENU 4</a></li>
     <li><a href=”LINK“>MENU 5</a></li>


When writing ‘MENU’, please replace it with the name of the menu you want, for example: Home, Tutorial, About, Contact, or another menu.

Replace the text ‘
LINK ‘ from the <a href=’ LINK line<a href=’ LINK ‘>

The way to do this is to open the blogger page and click ‘view’ page so that a link from that page will appear, then you just have to copy the link.

If you want to add a menu name, you can copy the code as above.

5. If you have filled in everything, please click ”
Save ” to see the results.

After that, you can start a blog (Read:
Here are 5 Tips for Successfully Starting a Blog ) by writing unique content (Read: How to Write Unique Content ) so that visitors will flock to read your blog. Hopefully we will both be successful in the world of blogging. 

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