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How to Choose the Best Blog Topic


May 15, 2015

Topic is an important thing that underlies the identity of a blog site. Various considerations often make it difficult for bloggers to choose the best topic for their blog.
This is because their minds are too focused on the results to be achieved, but do not think about building

a good blog.

Most of them choose topics that are too general in creating a blog site.
They only realized their mistake midway when they had difficulty producing new content on their blog. Finally, they created content with various discussion topics that were different from one another and that were not related to each other. 

Generally, visitors come to blog sites to get as much information as possible on one blog. If your blog topic discusses something specific, it will certainly make it easier for visitors to explore the many benefits of your blog.

In choosing a good topic for your blog, don’t rush without knowing the ins and outs of the topic you choose.
You should make a list or collect various topics in your book and then think about them one by one before choosing them.

You can also make a chart or pyramid from the topic regardless of the problem being discussed.
This will make it easier for you to add article titles to your blog later. If you can create tens or even hundreds of titles on your chosen topic on your blog, chances are your blog will become an authority blog.

What is an authority blog?

Namely a blog that contains various kinds of high quality article titles for readers on certain topics so that other people get a lot of benefits from the blog which makes the blog a reference in solving various problems experienced by other people.
Of course, making your blog an authority blog is not an easy thing, it requires extraordinary effort and hard work.

For the first step towards an authority blog, of course the first thing is to determine the best topic for you.
How do you determine a blog topic? Before you determine the topic you will blog about, you should not make these mistakes which will be bad for your blog:

  Don’t choose currently popular topics that are time limited.

Choosing this topic will leave you alone because this type of topic is not relevant throughout the year.
This type of topic must be worked on in a large team to maintain its existence. Examples of topics of this type: football, politics, etc.

  Don’t choose topics that follow other people’s blogs because they see their blogs are successful.

This is the reason why many bloggers experience a deficit of ideas for producing unique and interesting content for readers.
Making other people’s blogs is indeed good, but just knowing the benefits that can be learned from the blog. Example: How do they produce content, what is their writing style, etc.

  Don’t choose a topic that has few visitors.

This is because choosing a topic that is too specific makes it difficult for search engines to index the content.

After you know the risks of choosing the wrong topic, now let’s move on to how to choose the best topic for you in creating a blog.
Choosing a good and appropriate topic is usually influenced by the following things:
1.   What likes or interests do you have?
Building a good blog and consistently producing content is always directly proportional to a person’s likes and interests. People who have interests/interests in certain fields will always have ideas for producing unique content, because they tend to have good imaginations.
2.   What job do you do?
Choosing a topic because of work can be an easy alternative considering that work is something that is routinely done almost every day, so having a lot of experience in your field will make it easier to create unique content.
3.  What are the target readers of your blog?
When you want to create a blog, you have to determine who the target readers of your blog are, whether they are adults, women, children, students, ordinary people or others. Selecting these readers will make you more focused on producing content that your target readers will immediately like.

Actually there is 1 more thing that might be a consideration for you in determining the topic of a blog, what is it?
that is, you want to create a blog as a medium to channel the contents of your heart and thoughts
  or you want to create a blog that can be monetized.

It’s fine for people to create a blog just for fun, but if the blog can also be monetized, that’s certainly better.
To choose a good blog topic to monetize you have to learn the keywords that readers are looking for most, you can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner

In choosing a blog topic, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. The most important thing is that you can build the blog and be consistent in creating new content on an ongoing basis.
Regarding monetization, don’t worry, every blog, whatever the topic, can be monetized, you just need to adjust the monetization program that is most suitable for your blog. There are monetization programs such as
Adsense , Infolinks, affiliates, and many other programs. 

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