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How Important is it for Beginner Bloggers to Learn HTML and CSS for Blogs


Jan 25, 2017
How Important is it for Beginner Bloggers to Learn HTML and CSS for Blogs

The appearance of a blog often determines its appeal to visitors.
How could it not be, the blog design will create the first impression of blog visitors. If they find your blog looks busy because of lots of widgets or social media shortly after opening the page then they will most likely run away before finishing reading the first paragraph. Apart from that, a messy design can also cause visitors to feel cheated by opening the blog page. In this situation, knowledge of HTML and CSS is certainly needed.

The problem is that for novice bloggers HTML or CSS code is something new.
Never mind taking the time to learn this knowledge, writing quality articles is still in the learning stage. Even then, it often takes several hours to reach a word count above 400. So it’s not surprising that you can only publish 1-2 articles a week.

This is a reality that beginner bloggers have to face regarding the blogs they manage.
I cannot deny that actually every blogger wants to master all things related to blogging. These include editing videos, editing images or photos, how to write quality articles and of course issues regarding the appearance of the blog so that it attracts visitors. That’s why it’s not surprising that various related applications or software are searched for on search engines and downloaded and then installed.

If you are editing images or photos, maybe Adobe Photoshop and Coreldraw could be your main choices, while for editing videos there are Adobe Premiere Pro and Video Movie Maker.
As for being able to write quality articles, bloggers can practice on their own or by buying an ebook on how to write articles. And finally HTML and CSS editing software. For this one, bloggers are more familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver or Notepad++.

As a beginner blogger who focuses on writing on a blog, of course not all of the skills above need to be mastered immediately.
If you edit videos or photos, you tend to learn faster. So, it won’t waste your time writing articles.

However, this applies the opposite for beginner bloggers who want to learn HTML and CSS.
The complexity of HTML and CSS codes requires double the focus and concentration. Moreover, a code like this will easily error if there is 1 wrong letter or number. So it’s not surprising that one blog design takes several weeks to be ready for use.

Fortunately, blogger designers such as Mas Sugeng, Arlina Fitriani, Kang Ismet and others have shared blogs that are ready to use, whether free or paid.
This advantage is a blessing for beginner bloggers who are just entering the world of blogging. So, you don’t need to learn HTML and CSS in detail.

However, sometimes the blog design does not satisfy its users.
Because of this, bloggers often tinker with the appearance of their blog to make it look more unique and attractive. From here knowledge of HTML and CSS becomes important.

Apart from these wishes, the most common things to do when changing the appearance of a blog are the width of the content display or sidebar, font size, font type, background color, link color, line-height, padding, margins and so on.
So, this HTML and CSS code is relatively easy to learn. Therefore, as a blogger, you should know the basics of HTML and CSS code. That way the appearance of the blog will be even better. And the most important thing is that the unique appearance matches your wishes and is in line with the topic you are discussing. 

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