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Hosting Solution Without Subscription Fees for Those of You Who Have Minimal Capital


Sep 20, 2022

It is common knowledge that to have a website we need to have a domain and hosting. The domain name is the brand name, while hosting is the warehouse for a website. 

Indeed, we can have a website by simply buying a domain and connecting it to blogger / blogspot hosting. However, considering that the blogger platform is free, of course it has limited features and cannot be made into an advanced professional website.

So don’t expect that with blogger you can create a membership website, donation website, online course/ecourse website, web-based application, etc. In fact, you will have difficulty creating a system, paying by name, email, WhatsApp number, and collecting them in your buyer list automatically.

In the end, a blogger website is not the right choice for those of you who want to sell long term.

Indeed, economically the domain price is quite cheap, ranging from 15 thousand – 200 thousand rupiah for an annual subscription. If you use blogger then there are no additional costs unless you buy a premium blogger template.

Well, it’s different if you use paid hosting. The average paid hosting is 300 thousand – 350 thousand per year. Of course it can be even more expensive if you use more hosting disk space. The price is relatively expensive for those of you who are just starting to create a website from scratch. 

The good news is that hosting is now available which could be your best solution for creating a website with professional features.

Why is that?

Because with this hosting you:

1. No need to subscribe annually / Lifetime (LIMITED PROMOTION)

2. There is no disk space limitation

3. No inodes limit

4. No bandwidth limitations

5. FREE Repair Fees


7. Protection from viruses using VirusDie technology and 1TB+ protection from DDOS attacks

8. CDN and Cache Technology

9. Most Complete Video Guide

10. 100% Renewable Energy

11. More than 1000 users in Indonesia

The best news is that right now (19 September – 25 September 2022) there is a special promotion which is a shame to miss.

Fastest Host UKM Promo with 3 Packages, namely:

1. 5 Domain Package (UKM Plan): 499 thousand (Lifetime)

2. 10 Domain Package (Platinum Plan): 599 thousand (Lifetime)

3. 100 Domain Package (Titanium Plan): 899 Thousand (Lifetime)

Don’t forget to use the coupon code ” UKM ” so you can get a 50% discount.

Apart from your 50% discount, I have also provided the following luxury bonuses:

Bonus Fastesthost

1. Mailketing 25,000

2. Agency License Graphik Account

3. Close plugin

4. Plugin Affiliate store

5. Plugin Chat AIO Contact

6. Free SocialProof Account

7. Text to Voice Account

Special additional bonus if you buy the 100 Domain Package (Titanium Plan): 899 thousand (Lifetime):

1. Akun WhatDroid Pro Lifetime

2. CloudFunnels Pro Lifetime Account

Remember!!! The bonus above is limited to only 50 people and during the promo period only (19 September – 25 September 2022) 

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