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Hidden Benefits of Blogwalking for Bloggers


Nov 21, 2015

As a blogger, you should use blogwalking well and effectively.
As we know, in the world of blogging, we cannot work on building our own blog. If you are building a blog alone, this technique can be a smart solution.

There are many things that must be considered so that the blog that we manage grows quickly. Apart from internal factors in the form of good, unique and quality content or articles. External factors must also be realized, one of which is blogwalking.

What is blogwalking?

Blogwalking can be interpreted as the activity of a blogger to comment on other people’s sites/websites/blogs related to the topic of the article being discussed.
The name that can be used for blogwalking can be your name, the name of your blog or an anchor text.

Benefits of blogwalking for bloggers

1. Get new information.
As we know that almost all information is on the internet, it is natural for us to search there. Both the information we need and supporting information. That’s why we visit many blogs to find as much information as possible.

In this regard, commenting is an alternative to asking questions or providing input regarding the article’s content. With the hope that the article will be more complete and clearer. However, before blogwalking, you have to read the contents of the article to find out the advantages and disadvantages. In this way, your information becomes more complex.

2. Come up with inspiration and ideas for article titles
What needs to be noted about the comments column is that not everyone who reads articles and comments is ordinary internet users. But far from that, some are still bloggers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the blogwalking carried out is innovative and creative. The goal is clearly to find out more about the topic.

Of course, this is a big advantage of using blogwalking. Not just ordinary comments, but inspiring comments. How could it not be that through this your mind will be open to experimenting. That way, creative article title ideas can also be formed uniquely based on 9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles .

3. To interact / socialize
I mentioned at the beginning that building a blog cannot be done alone. Apart from minimal knowledge, there is also material that is still unfamiliar. Therefore blogwalking becomes an additional means to pursue this.

Even though it’s only short, in reality blogwalking brings a breath of fresh air for fellow bloggers to exchange ideas. With this activity, it is hoped that beneficial social interactions will emerge in building blogs and credibility.

4. Get backlinks
It is common knowledge that a good blog is one that has lots of backlinks. In this case blogwalking is a quite helpful option. Although not all backlinks can raise a blog’s position quickly because backlinks are multi-tiered. However, you need to remember that this method is quite effective so that your blog’s backlinks look natural in the eyes of search engines.

Therefore, you should not underestimate blogwalking. For some bloggers, this is tiring, but it is not in vain. Thinking that your blog has lots of backlinks from auto backlinks is not a good plan for the long term.

5. Blog promotion
One thing is certain, when blogwalking, try to leave backlinks to your site. So the opportunity to be visited again is big. It should be noted that potential visitors to your blog will not only come from that blog. However, it could come from readers other than you.

Therefore, using blogwalking like this is quite progressive for promoting your blog. However, make sure the name you use is interesting and unique so that other people can click on it. Using a name that is not relevant to the topic is a wrong promotional strategy.

6. Get visitors. Therefore, blogwalking is an effective choice for attracting potential visitors. Even though it’s only a part, this can have a big influence on developing a blog.
After you plant backlinks and promote your blog, the chances of your blog being visited will increase. In reality, not all blog visitors come from search engines but also from other sites.

In conclusion, although some bloggers limit the number of comments displayed (for example only 10-20). Some even turn off the comments column altogether for reasons such as spam comments or reducing bandwidth. Therefore, don’t be surprised if some bloggers do this because you can’t blogwalk.

Apart from this, there are still tips and tricks for blog are still an easy way to build a blog in the long term. What you need to do is look for a blog on the same topic as your blog that provides a comments column. Also consider blogwalkingalexarank and pagerank so that the influence is more significant. After that you can well and with quality so that you are not considered a spammer. Have another view? Please share!! 

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