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Here are 5 Tips for Successfully Starting a Most Valuable Blog


May 25, 2015

Talking about the internet feels incomplete before mentioning what a blog is.
Blogs have become the new prima donna in the internet world. Every day people are competing to start creating blogs after the many benefits they get from blogging activities.

Things a blogger can do include honing writing skills in expressing a problem and solving the problem.
A blogger can become a great writer just from the habit of writing on a blog, although writing skills require special tips that must be learned. 

Good and well-known blogs usually have a large number of visitors every day.
A large number of visitors can be obtained
  in various ways, but the most important thing is because there is a large amount of quality content based on on-page SEO principles.

When your blog has both of the things above, you can determine which way to make money from your blog is most suitable for you. 

Many people have been successful and become millionaires from blogging activities on the internet.
Most of the blogs they have are personal blogs, although not all of them are managed alone. This does not mean that a blog managed by just one person will not become an internet millionaire.
Here are 5 Tips for Successfully Starting a Most Valuable Blog

For those of you who have started a blog, it means you are close to becoming an internet millionaire, but if you don’t have a blog, let’s immediately create a blog to become a new internet millionaire.
Before starting to create a blog, there are several tips you must pay attention to.

Tips for Successfully Starting a Blog

1.  Your Passion for Starting a Blog

Building a successful blog requires long and consistent stages and processes, so start finding what you like or what interests you.
Strong passion will make it easier for you to start a blog towards success.

Don’t make money your passion for starting a blog because it will make you rush to build your blog so you won’t achieve satisfactory results.

2.   Your Goals for Starting a Blog

You have to determine what factors your goal is to start a blog.
You can write a life plan to determine your blogging goals. 

For example:

I want to be a great writer and write a book
I want to be a full-time blogger
I want to pay for college from blogging
4. And so on.

When your goal for blogging is clear and strong, it will encourage your hard work to fill and build your blog.

3.  Choose a Blog Topic

The next step is to choose the best blog topic for you.
The best way to choose should be based on what you like and are interested in. Choosing a suitable topic is very important considering that you will have to create content that is related to that topic.

This will require extra thought and energy to do, but if you are consistent you will be able to build other people’s trust that you are an expert in your field.

4.  Choose a Blog Service

A blog will indeed look professional if you use paid hosting (such as .com), but for those of you who are just starting out, you can try a free blog platform.
You can register on Blogger.com or WordPress.com as a first step. 

Using this is only the beginning until you can be productive in producing quality on-page SEO content.
After that you can switch to paid hosting.

5.  Reading and Writing

Deciding to enter the world of blogging is a choice, therefore you must have the habits of a true blogger.
Reading and writing is a necessity for a blogger. You can read books, read content from the world’s top bloggers and subscribe to their newsletters. That way you know how they write, their writing style so you can try writing for your blog. 

Avoid buying articles because it will kill your fresh ideas in writing.
It’s best to write original content to build an authority (referral) blog.

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When starting a blog, don’t be shackled by blog templates and various widgets.
Try to choose a simple blog template and only install important blog widgets because they will affect blog loading. Visitors tend to prefer fast loading because they want to quickly see the information you present. 

Focus on creating unique and quality content so that it is easily indexed by search engines to get lots of visitors. 

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