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Here are 4 reasons why bloggers like copying and pasting articles | How are you?


Dec 2, 2016

Copying and pasting articles is prohibited to become a professional blogger.
How could this act not be very detrimental to the victim? Even the victim’s blog can suffer moral and material losses. Of course, if this continues to be repeated, it is not impossible that this could enter the realm of copyright infringement.

Indeed, the act of copying and pasting articles is still popular among beginner bloggers. But it’s not a smart move if you want to be successful in the world of blogging. The clear problem is that a blogger needs the trust and ability of the blog owner. If this is not fulfilled then the blog can only be a cheap or trash blog.

However, it turns out that it is not easy to get rid of other people’s copy-paste habits. Moreover, if this does not come from oneself then the action will continue.

Here are 4 reasons why bloggers like copying and pasting articles |  How are you?

The reason bloggers still have a hobby of copying other people’s articles

1. Lack of interest and motivation to learn to write

To become a professional blogger, writing is a daily activity that must be completed.
For this, they are willing to spend hours writing to produce good, quality writing. That’s why their interest and motivation to become great and successful writers is extraordinary.

The situation is different for those who copy-paste other people’s articles. Their interest and motivation in the world of writing is very low. This is indicated by the ease with which they give up learning to write articles. Never mind struggling to learn to write articles, they don’t even want to be busy with books or ebooks that contain tips and how to write articles well and correctly.

If you really want to be successful in the world of blogging and survive for a long time, then develop interest and motivation to learn to write articles. In this way, you will know how difficult it is to compose good writing so as to eliminate the intention of copying and pasting other bloggers’ articles.

2. Don’t believe in your writing abilities

Learning to write articles is the first thing a blogger must go through.
However, that doesn’t mean you can immediately get away with copying and pasting other people. This is because learning to write requires time and practice so you can produce quality articles.

In this regard, beginner bloggers often do not have confidence in their writing abilities. They are busy with their own feelings about what to write and how to write it, even after they read various tips and ways to write good and correct articles. This is a tough challenge that many people choose to give up and copy-paste.

Losing people give up easily because of their own feelings. However, for those of you who want to be successful, immediately take smart steps to explore creative and innovative ideas. That way, various references that you know can make it easier for you to organize and develop these words into a series of good and interesting sentences.

3. More concerned with quantity of articles than quality

Some people are trapped in the belief that a large number of articles is the main cause of increasing the number of blog visitors.
Although this cannot be said to be 100% wrong, try looking at some other people’s blogs with a small number of articles. Daily visitors to their blog continue to be consistent in large numbers, reaching thousands or even tens of thousands with a small number of articles.

Actually, there are 2 ways to get lots of visitors to your blog. These include writing articles with a large quantity and few articles with high quality.

I realize that producing high quality articles is still difficult for beginner bloggers because this requires process, time and hard work. Moreover, if you look at high quality articles, the average number of words can reach 1500-2500 words.

After seeing this reality, creating a larger number of articles became the main choice. However, because they are unable to write quickly and efficiently, they take the risky step of copying and pasting other people’s articles. Once they feel they have achieved short-term results, they turn copy-pasting into a hobby. Even though they don’t know that with this violation the blog can be indexed or deleted by the Google search engine.

4. For AGC (Auto Generated Content) blogs

I think the AGC blog is a blog that is self-serving and destroys other people’s blogs.
How could this type of blog/website not only copy-paste articles from other blogs to fill in content updates on the blog? If you use permission and the source link then it might not be a problem. However, most AGC blogs never pay attention to ethics in the internet world, especially the blogging world.

In conclusion, I understand that you want to be successful in the world of blogging more quickly and efficiently. However, that doesn’t mean you have to justify all means that harm other people. Remember, many successful bloggers started from studying, practicing and often failing to become great and quality writers. So, if you copy-paste other people then you are taking the path to failure in the near future. Therefore, immediately stop your hobby of copying and pasting other people’s articles so that you are worthy of being an authority (reference) and great blogger.  

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