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Here are 10 Important Benefits of Writing Articles on Blogs | Did You Know?


Dec 29, 2016

It cannot be denied that writing is the most popular activity today. Moreover, for those of you who want to enter the world of blogging, it is a must to write more articles.

The problem is that people’s views on writing can be said to be different. Some people think writing is easy and fun. So it’s not surprising that they can write short articles (400-500 words) in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, if they have taken the time to write for several hours then all the creative ideas, experiences and knowledge they have can be turned into very useful writing.

However, there are also those who think that writing is a difficult and boring activity. How could they not convert all the materials or materials for writing that they already had into writing? This can happen because they find it difficult to compose and arrange words into good sentences. So it’s not surprising that it takes them several hours to complete a short article.

Regardless of your current condition, there is actually nothing wrong if you continue to move forward to hone your writing skills. Don’t concern yourself with people’s assumptions that are not necessarily true. The benefits of writing are numerous, so don’t be afraid of people’s comments about your writing on a blog.

Here are 10 Important Benefits of Writing Articles on Blogs |  Did You Know?

Benefits of writing articles on blogs

1. Media to practice writing

Frankly, not everyone has good writing skills.
For this reason, some people run to writing courses so they can gain adequate writing knowledge. So that within a few months or years you can publish books that are useful for society.

The problem is that not everyone wants to spend money on writing courses. The middle way is that they create a blog and practice writing to fill in the content in it. So, it could be said that writing on a blog is a good writing practice medium for you. It’s not without reason that I say that because blog posts often get responses in the form of comments from readers. So it is not surprising that there are criticisms and suggestions from readers regarding the writing or material.

2. Media vent

Responding to personal problems sometimes won’t be resolved by getting angry or gloomy in the room for several days, in this case you need help with advice from your family or closest friends.

The problem is that it is not uncommon for the advice they give to only result in disappointment because they do not provide the right solution. To avoid bad things, take smart steps by writing a blog. Maybe you don’t have much to write about in the media for several personal reasons. However, by using writing you can free your mind from excessive fear and worry.

If after that you get comments from readers who understand the problem, you can be sure that the advice they give can calm your heart. Besides that, you won’t feel lonely because there are other people who have experienced it too.

3. Convey ideas, suggestions and criticism

The reality is that everyone has ideas, ideas and criticism in certain fields such as politics, the environment, the mentality of leaders, government and so on.
However, it is very difficult to convey ideas, suggestions or criticism to them. Moreover, if you do not have a high position in society then it is possible that your knowledge will never reach them.

It’s different if you use the medium of writing on a blog. When your writing is spread and known by many people, there will be various responses that arise. Regardless of what you tell them, there can still be pros and cons. However, writing gives an idea that there has been public intelligence using this method. Therefore, don’t be afraid to write anything on your blog about all the issues you are interested in discussing. As long as you comply with applicable laws, everything can run smoothly.

4. Learning media

Sometimes a teacher or lecturer cannot provide lessons to his students or students because of limited time at school or on campus.
Even so, of course they still hope that their students will become intelligent and educated students.

In cases like this, writing on a blog can be a meeting point between teachers and students. By providing all the information or knowledge that is mastered, a teacher can recommend his blog for students to read. Even though they differ in learning methods, some students can sometimes understand the lesson material more easily because they can repeat it over and over again according to their wishes. So, for those of you who work as teachers, there’s nothing wrong with using blog writing as an alternative to educate the nation.

5. Information media

Although there are print and electronic media that provide a variety of news.
However, there is still important knowledge that they left behind. Remember, information is not just news about today’s events or what is currently popular. So, don’t be surprised if you have special knowledge that you can’t get from them.

To fill this information gap, you can use writing via blogs or personal websites. You can share information about how to care for your skin properly, tips for studying psychology, tips for successful entrepreneurship and so on. Information like this is important for some internet users so they look for the most complete information to satisfy their curiosity. Therefore, create a blog and provide useful information to readers through writing.

6. Media motivates

In the midst of increasingly advanced developments, life problems are often accompanied by more complex and energy-draining problems.
In circumstances like this, of course it is not easy to generate motivation to live a successful life. Moreover, many cases result in some people taking shortcuts, resulting in acute despair.

Seeing this reality, there’s no harm in sharing writing that can lighten the burden on their minds by providing motivation. It may not immediately solve the problems they are facing. However, with this collection of motivational words, you have done something good by directing readers to view life from a broader and wiser knowledge.

7. Inspirational media

Writing about your hobbies or interests in certain fields can actually inspire other people.
How many other people’s inspiration has awakened because of a simple piece of writing. In fact, because of this writing, creativity that was previously shackled feels like it has found the key to come out freely. That’s why it’s not uncommon for them to create new innovations that are better and more advanced.

You can write down success stories of famous people as writing material. Write down what they achieved, what they discovered, what ideas they came up with so that they were able to change the way many people think and so on. In this way you can motivate yourself and others to view life as a challenge that must be conquered.

8. Media for religious preaching

As a religious person, of course you should participate in spreading religious knowledge.
That way, people who are busy with work can more easily study religion in their free time.

The problem is that when you want to spread religious knowledge, sometimes you are hampered by your position in society, so it is very difficult to get other people to acknowledge the truth that you convey, even though it has clear and complete arguments.

In this regard, the benefits of writing on a blog will reduce your problems. Writing religious knowledge on a personal blog has the opportunity to be read by many internet users. So that it can reach various groups of society with different positions. This is what makes writing on a blog unique.

9. Historical recording media

Various important events that have occurred for several hundred years in various countries or cities can be known through writing in the form of books or inscriptions.
In fact, because of books or inscriptions, people can now find out about these events in more detail.

If you write on a blog, maybe you can record your personal history with family, friends or certain people. From here you can share experiences that may be difficult for you to forget, whether in the village, city or in the hills. So, you could say it’s a history book for yourself.

10. Media makes money

Good news for those of you who have a hobby of writing on blogs.
Even though writing is sometimes just a side business, it turns out that writing on a blog has the opportunity to make quite attractive money. How could it not be that when your blog is full of visitors, various money-making programs are waiting for your action to join, such as advertising programs.

You need to know that many blog writers have changed professions from permanent employees to full-time bloggers. It is clear that the earning potential is the motivation, especially in blogging there is no limit in terms of monthly income. As long as you continue to work hard and work smart, the target of earning tens of millions every month can be achieved. This is what makes the benefits of writing on a blog no longer be underestimated.

In conclusion, regardless of your intention and purpose for writing, it should not be a problem. The most important thing is that you know the benefits of writing well so that you are able to write writing that is useful for other people. 

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