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Get to know the advantages of buying an expired domain name and the disadvantages


Feb 3, 2017

Before you decide to create a blog, of course the domain name must be thought out carefully. The domain name should contain the targeted keywords. Apart from that, the domain name should be easy to spell and remember. That way, visitors will easily recognize your site.

On the other hand, it turns out that it is not easy to develop a blog so that it gets lots of daily visitors.
Moreover, if you still have difficulty writing good, quality articles. So it is very likely that organic traffic from search engines will be difficult to realize. The end result is giving up making money from the blog.

In this case, some bloggers choose to buy expired domain names.
Indeed, this name has already been used by other people. However, if it turns out to be profitable then bold steps must be taken. Moreover, expired domain names are sometimes effective as a bridge to blog success.

Get to know the advantages of buying an expired domain name and the disadvantages

Benefits of buying an expired (expired) domain name

1. The domain name is recognized by search engines

There is a fundamental difference between a new domain name and an expired domain name.

The new domain name must improve the blog’s SEO from the start because it does not yet have a role in search engines.
Apart from that, there are no backlinks yet. As for expired domain names, search engines have already recognized them. This is proven when you type in keywords related to the domain name. Then a blog page may appear that leads to that blog.

2. Have a rating (ever)

If you look at the ranking of expired domain names you once owned, it will definitely be easy to restore that ranking in a short time.
Moreover, all rankings have been obtained such as Pagerank, Alexa rank, Domain Authority (DA) and PA (Page Authority) by expired domains. So the opportunity to increase it even higher is very open for new owners. This is also possible because of dozens of recent posts. So it is not surprising that domain names like this can have high selling prices.

3 Already have backlinks

In order to get organic traffic from search engines, backlinks from an expired domain name can be very helpful.
How could it not be, in fact the backlinks that the old owner has planted often use links to the main page.

Regardless of the quality of the backlinks that the expired domain has.
However, if this link suddenly becomes active again, it could be that the domain name will be taken into account again by search engines. That way you can plant backlinks naturally and not in a hurry so that it doesn’t look spam.

4. Articles can easily compete on search engines

To realize your blog post’s ambition to win on the Google search engine, it is a common secret that quality and number of words are the reference.

Unfortunately, beginner bloggers find it difficult to write quality articles.
Never mind publishing quality SEO articles regularly, even writing articles with a word count of more than 500 sometimes takes several hours. This is what causes blog development to run very slowly.

To anticipate this, of course buying an expired domain name can be considered.
Although the articles come with quality and low word count. However, if you get strong support from existing backlinks, you will have a more competitive opportunity to compete.

If backlinks, pagerank, DA and PA have been detected in search engines then the new article has the potential to win.

5. Easy to attract visitors

Expired domain names are usually well recognized by search engines and internet users.
Especially if you previously had a strong ranking and number of backlinks, the opportunity for a return visit is very open.

If suddenly the domain name appears with a new, better, unique and interesting impression, then the opportunity to attract thousands of visitors is not impossible.
What’s more, if you present content that visitors find very useful and makes them intelligent.

What is unique about expired domain names is that the blog or website is already old and has been abandoned by the old management.
So, it could be said that bringing in visitors is easier and shorter.

Apart from the advantages of expired domain names, of course there are things you need to note before buying them.
Not every expired domain name is suitable as a money-making machine according to your ambitions. Therefore, identify your purpose for buying the domain name.

Consider before buying an expired domain name

1. Are expired domain names safe for Google Adsense?

Some internet users think that every domain name can make money from the “Make Money Online” program.

In reality, this assumption is not correct, why?

Expired domain names are sometimes abandoned by their owners because they can no longer make money from Google.
Maybe because it has been banned by Google Adsense.

If you buy a domain with these criteria, you can be sure that your blog will be permanently absent from the Google program.

For this reason, first check the domain name with the AdSense banned check tool.
There are several popular sites in this regard, including
Isbanned.com , Bannedornot.com , Domainisbanned.com , or Checkadsban.com. To be more sure, please check at least 3 different sources (repeatedly). This is because the results of the first click sometimes contradict the results of the second click. Apart from that, it’s a good idea that this tool also displays Adsense ads. It’s not logical for you to check domain names on sites that don’t advertise AdSense.

2. Has the expired domain name ever been detected as content plagiarism?

Please first check the expired domain name for the quality of the content it contains.
This is important for you to pay attention to considering that copy-paste articles are hated by Google search engine rules. If the domain name is safe from plagiarism claims, please buy the expired domain name.

However, if the opposite applies then you have to think again.
Blogs that have been reported for content copyright theft usually have a bad reputation among readers as well. If news of the domain name has spread widely on the internet, it will be difficult for you to restore its reputation. If that’s the case, your plan to build a blog can start from negative numbers.

In conclusion, although an expired domain name is an option because there is no need to build a blog from scratch.
That doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to buy the domain name. It’s better for you to use a new domain name as a fighting step. It does take a process and time to achieve success. However, if you are sure that the domain name is safe from Google and content plagiarism claims, please
buy an expired domain namethat suits the blog topic that you are going to develop. 

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