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Get to know 7 reasons why consumers prefer shopping online


Oct 27, 2019

The existence of the internet has more or less changed the habits of consumers who previously preferred shopping in malls and then switched to shopping online. Then I thought about what causes some people to start liking online shopping rather than offline.

Online shopping has now become a new trend in shopping.
plus the existence of online E-commerce stores or marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada, Jakmall and others. People now prefer to shop online with Android cellphones rather than going to a shop near their home. Of course this is an interesting thing to review.

Looking at this reality, we can actually see its impact in recent years.
Many large malls are decreasing day by day in terms of the number of visitors. It doesn’t only happen in malls in the regions, but even big malls in big cities experience the impact. So what causes consumers to prefer shopping online? Below I try to review this trend.

Get to know the 7 reasons consumers choose to shop online

Reasons Consumers Choose to Shop Online

1. More complete choice of products available

It cannot be denied that there are more choices of products available on online shop websites.
If one online shop doesn’t exist, you can look for products on other online shop websites. Even in online stores that currently exist, you can access online stores from more than hundreds of online stores. Although not all online stores are not created by all companies. However, there are also online stores created by SMEs or even individuals.

If you collect or examine these websites one by one, consumers can choose products from thousands of types of products with various models, colors or sizes.
What’s more, you can choose the product you want based on the brand or brand whose quality you trust.

2. Easy to compare prices

With the large number of products with various variations or brands, you can see and compare before you buy.
Like in the marketplace Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada, etc., even with the same product, you can find different prices.

This happens because sellers have different rules or habits for taking profits.
So it’s not surprising that for backpack products, for example, you can see varying prices. In fact, if you look in more detail, you will most likely find price variations of more than 10 different selling prices, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive.

3. Easy and fast payment method

Almost all sellers in online stores, whether individual, SME or large companies, have provided easier and faster payment methods.
Serious sellers usually provide payment methods by bank transfer at least 2 banks and this can be Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri, BCA, BNI or other banks. In fact, if you have just one account you can make payments to various banks in Indonesia.

Confirming payment is also fairly easy.
If you use the payment method via ATM, just take a photo of proof of transfer and send it to the seller, then the seller can immediately check the incoming balance and you’re done. Meanwhile, if you use a payment method with an automatic confirmation feature such as BCA mobile, BRI Briva or others, after you transfer in approximately 10 minutes, payment confirmation has been received. This is the advantage of paying by bank transfer which makes consumers like shopping online.

4. More comfortable and available at any time

The problem that prospective buyers often complain about before going to offline stores is that they are often faced with hot conditions during the day, and fear at night.
Meanwhile, if you shop online, you just have to sit in a chair in the living room or terrace of the house and you can shop with an Android cellphone that is connected to the internet and internet banking / mobile banking.

Moreover, if you work regularly every week then after work you will definitely feel tired to go shopping by visiting the shop directly.
With the online shopping system you can shop whenever you want. After you have paid and been confirmed by the online shop seller, all you have to do is wait for the goods to arrive at your house because your order is ready to be processed.

5. Lots of promotions or discounts or cashback

When you choose to shop at marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee or Lazada, there are usually products or goods being sold at promotional or discounted prices.
Discount prices or promotional prices are often an effective attraction to attract potential consumers to shop.

Apart from that, the cashback program is a sales promotion that cannot be underestimated.
Even though the prices are slightly higher compared to other stores, cashback is like a magnet that makes potential buyers feel new excitement when shopping. Moreover, if there is a free shipping promo, discounts and cashback can be combined, there is a big possibility that potential buyers will be more interested in shopping online.

6. It’s not easy to get stressed from waiting in line

The most annoying thing when shopping at an offline store is waiting in line at the cashier to pay.
Especially if there are dozens of people queuing with a large amount of shopping. It may take half an hour or more to wait for your turn to pay. This condition sometimes makes some people feel stressed.

The good news is that with the online shopping method, you don’t need to experience the problem of waiting a long time or getting tired of standing.
Online shopping changes consumers who initially had to bother paying to switch to a shopping method that calms the mind.

7. There is a cash on delivery (COD) feature

Even though you shop online at a marketplace or other online shop, a buyer does not have to pay before the goods are sent.
Some online stores that collaborate with delivery services are starting to implement online sales using a COD system. If you feel anxious or afraid that there will be a problem with the item you purchased or something will happen to the packaging or product quality, then you can choose the COD payment method.

With COD payments, a buyer does not have to have a bank account.
Just arrive and pay in cash.

Although many consumers choose to shop online for the various reasons above, there are things that must be remembered.
Online shopping can indeed be done with a cellphone connected to the internet. However, pay attention to your finances because the more often you open an online shop, the more interested you will be in buying. In these conditions, you have to be wise and not sacrifice your money to buy an item that is not really needed. What do you think? 

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