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Genius Tips on How to Save Internet Quota for Those of You who are Busy Blogging


Apr 27, 2017

One of the keys to success in building and managing a blog is the availability of adequate internet quota. Indeed, in this case you can use the network in your home. But what happens if you have just started a blog? Surely your expenses will be greater without being covered by your blogging results.

I realize that as a beginner blogger there are many things that need to be known immediately. Therefore, the process of browsing looking for various information is carried out very often. Apart from that, blogwalking activities and looking for backlinks can drain your internet quota. Especially when viewing tutorial videos from YouTube, which sometimes have to be in large format (360-720 pixels) to make them look clearer. So don’t be surprised if a month’s quota of 3-6 GB is not enough for blogging.

Regardless of your high motivation and vision and mission in the world of blogging, you should not be wasteful when it comes to internet quota. Need tips or methods so that while you are blogging you don’t waste money buying internet quota. So what’s the strategy?

Genius Tips on How to Save Internet Quota for Those of You who are Busy Blogging

These are tips for saving internet quota for bloggers

1. Write a draft post offline

To successfully manage a blog, the presence of content is very important.
That’s why a blogger must be diligent in posting articles so that the blog content can quickly increase.

Before posting, of course the first step is that you have to finish writing the article first. To produce writing, you usually need article references from other people’s blogs. In this case, there is no other way except to do some browsing to find the core material needed.

To save your internet quota, try turning off the internet connection after you have successfully found a blog site as a writing reference. Don’t turn on your internet connection until you have finished writing.

This is very important because the process of writing articles usually takes a relatively long time. Even for some people, writing a 1000 word article can take around 1.5-3 hours. Of course, it will waste your internet quota if you don’t turn off the connection within that time period. So, only write article content offline.

2. Bookmark important websites

In the world of blogging, of course there are websites or blogs that are important to open every time you go online.
Among these sites include Blogger.com, Gmail.com, Google Webmaster Tool, Google Trends, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, WordPress.org, Longtail Keyword Site, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Google Analytic, Plagiarism Checker, and others. other.

Of course, it is not easy to remember the URL addresses of the various sites above. Indeed, once you browse for keywords in the Google, Bing or Yahoo search column, you will see a link from that site. However, you are being wasteful if you do this activity every time you go online. What if every day went like this? Surely your internet quota is not effective in making you creative.

Therefore, you should save various addresses of important websites or blogs by bookmarking them on your PC or laptop. That way, you can go directly to the intended address without going through steps that are actually not important and drain your internet quota.

Don’t worry because you can bookmark up to dozens of sites. So, make the most of your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser device.

3. Avoid watching videos without control

It cannot be denied that knowing how to use a video tutorial is an effective choice.
In fact, this method can be more effective than just a tutorial in written form.

Unfortunately, some people cannot control themselves when viewing videos online. As a result, the internet quota is used up for this activity. There are indeed videos that you should watch to increase your blogging knowledge. However, it is not uncommon for there to be videos that just make you want to see them.

In this regard, it is better for you to have a filter (separator) between videos that make you productive or videos that make you entertained. Don’t sacrifice your internet quota so you don’t get important knowledge for your blog. If this is difficult for you to do, please watch an entertaining video on your smartphone device.

4. Limit internet data quota usage

So that your plan to save internet quota is effective, it’s a good idea to have a daily internet quota limit.
These restrictions allow you to have clear goals when you are online. Just imagine if you didn’t limit your internet quota then you would think you could open all the interesting sites.

Maybe you can do this if the internet network is in the form of Wifi. However, in reality, many beginner bloggers use internet cards as an easy and cheap way.

So, if you are only able to provide Indosat IM3 or Mentari, data package 3, or Axis internet data quota of around 3 GB or 6 GB or 8 GB per month, please divide it into 30-31 days. If you only provide 3 GB per month then your average internet quota is around 100 MB per day. So, be wise to use it every day and night. That way, every day you can predict what things are most important to do.

I realize that internet quota is an important part for bloggers. However, the mistake of utilizing the large existing quota means that your blog and yourself will not develop optimally. However, if you can apply tips to save internet quotaabove, your blogging business will run straight, be structured and produce astonishing achievements. 

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