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Free Tool How to Check the Uniqueness of Articles to Avoid Duplicate Content


Nov 15, 2015

It goes without saying that the uniqueness of a blog article is important.
From there, your identity and brand will be at stake. Coming up with unique content makes you a credible blogger who hates content plagiarism considering the dangers of copy-pasting articles.

In this regard, it is not strange that many bloggers check the articles they will publish.
How could it not be that with this method they can be sure that what they serve is truly special and special.

Of the many free tools to check the uniqueness of articles, there are 2 tools that you can use.
Even though this checking tool is free, it doesn’t mean that the quality produced is disappointing. In fact, many bloggers use this tool frequently.

Free Tool How to Check the Uniqueness of Articles to Avoid Duplicate Content

1. Smallseotools.com

This is a free tool that is most often used by bloggers.
Apart from being easy to use, this tool is not. Of course this shortens the time to be more effective.

In this tool you can search up to a limit of 1000 words.
Apart from that, you will be satisfied with what is served. Why is that?

Of course, you will be spoiled by seeing the results of checking articles based on words (sentences).
In this way you can change sentences that contain plagiarism (copy-paste).

How to use smallseotools

1. Please copy the article in MS Word then paste it in the column provided

2. After that, please fill in the “Captcha” to show that you are not a robot.

3. The final step, please click ”
Check For Plagiarism ” and the results will be visible in a few moments.

Apart from the plagiarism checker, there are still many functions of smallseotools.
These include

1. Article Rewriter

2. Keyword Position

3. Google PageRank Checker

4. Backlink Maker

5. Backlink Checker

6. Online Ping Website Tool

With the many features provided that can be used freely, it is certainly a big advantage for building your blog.

2. Solidseotools.com

Solidseotols.com is a backup alternative to smallseotools.com for checking your articles.
This tool is also easy to use.

This online tool is almost similar to smallseotools.com, namely providing searches of up to 1000 words.
Apart from that, it also presents the results of the sentences clearly.

To run this tool, it can be said to be the same as smallseotools, only simpler.
No captcha is a convenience provided. This way you can immediately see the results displayed.

To use this tool, you just have to choose one of the 3 ways to check the uniqueness of an article, namely based on essay, website link, and article/content.

Next, please enter image verification.

Then select search, whether Google, Yahoo/bing or special.

Immediately click ”
Check For Plagiarism

Wait a few moments to see the results.

Apart from the plagiarism checker, Solidseotools also has dozens of features that you can use.

With the online tools smallseotools and solidseotools you can be confident in publishing your articles.
However, apart from these 2 tools, there are still free online tools that can be used. However, considering that these two tools are good enough, there is no need for other tools. Good luck! 

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  1. I really appreciate the efforts you put into reviewing these useful resources. I was wondering if you’re planning to update the list anytime soon? In that case, you might be interested in trying out our plagiarism checker tools

    I suppose your readers would enjoy finding out about it and using it. Let me know your thoughts on this. Or if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.

  2. thank's infonya gan, kalo ane lebih suka pake smallseotools karena bisa liat tingkat keunikan artikel sebelum di post, mungkin ada rekomendasi tool yang lain untuk cek keunikan artikel sebelum di post

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