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Extraordinary Enjoyments During Blogging that I Am Grateful For


Apr 29, 2017

When it comes to blogging, of course I have to be grateful even though this has not been my dream since childhood. How could it not be, as long as I am blogging on the internet, I can learn a lot of knowledge. So it’s not surprising that over time I have fallen in love with the world of blogging.

It cannot be denied that I have only been introduced to blogging in the past few years. That’s just general knowledge and I haven’t thought about working as a blogger yet. That’s why when I found out that a blog could have abundant benefits, I started to explore it.

From here I started studying blogging more seriously. Even though it took a relatively long process due to the lack of support from family and friends, I finally realized that my sky-high dreams could be realized in reality and it was easier to achieve them.

Extraordinary Enjoyments During Blogging that I Am Grateful For

This is the reason I must be grateful for blogging

1. Have a hobby of writing

Basically, writing has not been my skill since childhood.
In fact, it could be said that writing is still a new thing that is difficult for me to learn. Indeed, I am lucky to have a hobby of reading books. Even though it was only small, it turned out that my hobby of reading led me to learn about blogs.

From just looking for information on the internet for fun, I got the motivation to create a blog. The first time it was still a free blog, but that’s okay because I can write articles using this medium. When I first started writing, I lacked confidence considering that my background or family were unfamiliar with the world of writing. However, because I think writing is a good new trend, I dared to write.

From this activity I feel like an extraordinary human being because I can provide information to other people without having to meet face to face. Almost every time I get inspiration to write I try to apply it to new writing. This habit is what makes me like a new hobby, namely writing.

2. Get technical learning

Keeping myself busy with the world of blogging makes my technical learning knowledge in the world of the internet inevitable.
A series of processes also taught me new ways that most people think are still foreign. Among the areas of learning that I studied were how to design photos or images, reducing the size of videos, how to make desktop screen videos for tutorials.

Apart from that, I also learned how to create a blog so that it looks more attractive, learned to compress (reduce the size of images or photos), and how to create an ebook.

It might seem trivial for those of you who have studied blogging for years. But it still makes me incredibly happy. Moreover, many of my friends don’t know these various methods. Because of that, this learning is very meaningful for me, who can be said to be looking for information alone.

3. Have many acquaintances

In the midst of being busy learning blogging, I understand that rice assignments are waiting.
Therefore, I tried hard to carry it out. The good news is that while I’m blogging I get motivation when I make new acquaintances. Even though I’m not a close friend, at least it has made my enthusiasm for managing my blog better.

The tendency is that people cannot live alone. Therefore, getting new acquaintances in the internet world is a blessing that I must be grateful for. Moreover, their suggestions and input have made me a better and more productive human being in my work. One of the things that will be most visible to you is this article on siniblogging.net.

4. Earning potential

Of course I have to take all the abundant benefits from blogging activities.
Indeed, when creating a blog there were various visions and missions that made me interested in the world of the internet. One of the big influences is the potential for earning income.

It may be too early to tell, but what can you say all the action in blogging will almost certainly lead to ways of making money online. Even though I haven’t reached much of my target or hope while pursuing it, I am still grateful for getting to know the world of the internet earlier. Who knows, with this my income could increase significantly.

In conclusion, despite the hard work of managing a blog, I see that I have achieved good things. Slowly I started to enjoy blogging activities and hoped that everything would be beautiful in time. The most important thing is that I remain optimistic about the future towards a path of success. 

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