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Effective Tips on How to Lower Alexa Rank


Apr 4, 2016

Trying to get lots of visitors, of course the Alexa rank can be a differentiator.
Try to pay close attention that almost all blogs that appear on the first page of search engines have good (low) Alexa rankings. So it’s not surprising that this is a must-have if you want to build a better and growing blog.

Unfortunately, lowering your Alexa rank is not easy, even for some beginner bloggers, getting this ranking can take a lot of energy and take a long time.
Why doesn’t Alexa rank require a blog to have traffic or a consistent number of visitors every day? Therefore, for blogs that have a large number of posts, but few daily visitors, the possibility of getting an Alexa rank is still small.

However, you don’t need to be discouraged by this blog.
In some cases there are effective tips and methods that you can do even if you are a little creative. I have done this method and it has quite an effect on the Alexa rank of the blog that I built.

If you don’t know what Alexa rank is, please read first.
What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Effective Tips on How to Lower Alexa Rank

How to reduce Alexa rank effectively

1. Consistently update blog articles

It is the duty of all bloggers who want to see their blogs grow quickly to routinely or consistently update articles on their blogs.
In this way, the possibility of attracting potential visitors will be increasingly open.

How can you not pay attention to the increasing number of articles which certainly means that the keywords in search engines are becoming more numerous and varied.
This shows that the blog has developed well and is worthy of being used as a reference blog for internet users. So it is not strange if this can reduce the Alexa rank to become slimmer.

However, I realize that updating articles is not an easy thing.
Therefore, it would be a good idea for you to read
9 sources of inspiration for writing articles that will refresh your mindto anticipate your creative bottlenecks.

2. Install the Alexa toolbar

As for the Alexa toolbar, I actually don’t really understand it.
The problem is that from my experience writing articles, my blog has reached 40 Alexa ranks and still has no data. Even though many bloggers recommend this. He said that by installing an Alexa toolbar like “SEO Quake” in the browser you use, your blog can quickly get an Alexa ranking.

Even though I lowered Alexa rank with the Alexa toolbar, I actually didn’t pay enough attention.
What is clear is that I use the Alexa toolbar above more often to check pagerank and the number of blog indexes that appear in the browser. Apart from that, sometimes I use it to diagnose post pages on people’s blogs. My hope is that my blog post page is more competitive to compete with them.

3. Promotion

Promoting a blog via social media Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or others can affect the number of visitors who come.
You can also promote your blog through forums that match your blog topic. Besides that, you can also use well-known social bookmarking for blog promotion. What is clear is that immediately take quick steps to attract potential readers from all sources.

If you carry out the method above correctly, it will be quite effective in attracting potential visitors other than search engines.
You definitely know that attracting visitors from search engines cannot be done in a short time. So promotion through the media above is a fast way to attract the number of visitors in order to reduce Alexa rank.

4. Looking for backlinks

It cannot be denied that a large number of backlinks affect Alexa ranking.
Maybe you have used a backlink checking site such as Ahrefs.com or Backlinkwatch.com. If you often check other people’s sites with the tool above, you will know the difference. If you have more backlinks, it is usually directly proportional to the number of visitors you attract. So it’s not surprising that this is very effective in reducing Alexa rank.

However, try looking for backlinks from blogs with high pageranks.
However, backlinks from 1 blog with a page rank are of higher quality than backlinks from 10 blogs that do not have a page rank.

To find backlinks yourself, you can use blogwalking.
For this you have to be careful because
5 Obstacles to Blogwalking When Looking for Backlinks are ready to drain your energy. If you find it easy to write articles in large quantities, maybe guest blogging could be another smart solution. However, try guest blogging on blogs with a high page rank because the positive impact is more promising for the blog. As for looking for other backlinks, you can also be active in forums or groups.

5. Claim Alexa on the blog

A fairly effective way to reduce Alexa is to make an Alexa claim on a blog.
That is, by installing the HTML code from Alexa.com which you will later install on your blog. That way, your site can continue to be monitored if readers visit it.

However, this claim will be more effective if updating articles and looking for backlinks can run consistently.
Therefore, don’t expect to lose if you ignore these two important tasks.

In conclusion, although the decline in Alexa is influenced by several reasons.
However, I realize that lowering Alexa rank requires a process and time. Therefore, do the best of your ability so that the blog can develop better and be popular.

By the way, what is your Alexa rank? 

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