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Effective Tips on How to Change Blogspot Permalinks to Be SEO Friendly


Apr 27, 2017

Blog permalinks are a basic SEO technique that every blogger must master. How could it not be, permalinks are like personal identity in search engines. So it could be said that ignoring it is a way to fail to rank on the first page of the Google search engine.

Effective Tips on How to Change Blogspot Permalinks to Be SEO Friendly

What is a permalink?

A permalink is a link address that will lead to the URL of the content page on a blog or website.
Permalinks cannot be changed after they are published so it will be dangerous if the permalink settings do not comply with SEO standards.

Indeed, the permalink can be changed after it is published, namely by making it a re-draft first. The problem is that this method will result in your blog content appearing plagiarized by search engines. So it will most likely cause broken links on your blog.

In general, the permalink reflects the title of the article so that the words are the same as in the content title. The difference is that in the permalink the spaces change to dashes (-). Apart from that, the blogspot permalink contains information about the year and month it was published. Of course, this is very different from WordPress.org which can use several permalink models.

Characteristics of blogspot permalinks that are SEO friendly

One of the characteristics of a permalink is that it contains the targeted keyword.
This keyword plays a role in telling search engines what the content address is talking about.

If keywords are unclear or do not exist, it is difficult for the Google search engine to determine what type of topic the search engine is. As a result, there is no top ranking that can be penetrated and it could even be that the article is very difficult to find.

How many words are in a permalink?

This question is also a problem to be discussed.
Some bloggers say that only 4-5 words are enough. So it can accommodate 2-3 keywords. If there are too many it will make the permalink very long.

How many characters should a permalink be?

Even though you have applied keywords to the permalink structure, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the length of the characters in it.
In fact, if you look at the permalinks of popular blogs, they make permalinks that are short, but effective for search engines.

It’s best to make a permalink structure that is not too long. It’s not impossible, but if it only gives a small chance of Google’s SEO then avoid it. It is better if your permalink contains around 80 characters if combined with the blog site address. If separated, the number of characters is around 30-50 characters. This way it is easy for search engines to recognize the topic of your blog content.

Blog-name.blogspot.com/year/month/costum-permalink-article.html  –> full view

year/month/costum-permalink-artikel.html  –>  tampilan inti permalink

Nama-blog.com/year/month/costum-permalink-artikel.html  –>  tampilan utuh setelah costum domain

Contoh cara merubah permalink blogspot berdasarkan judul artikel ini 

Tips Jitu Cara Merubah Permalink Blogspot Supaya SEO Friendly

Permalink blogspot yang buruk

1.  http://www.sinarblogging.net/2017/04/tips-jitu-cara-merubah-permalink-blogspot-supaya-seo-friendly.html  –>  jumlah karakter 103

2.  2017/04/tips-jitu-cara-merubah-permalink-blogspot-supaya-seo-friendly.html  –>  jumlah karakter 74

The permalink above is not SEO friendly because it is more than 80 characters or more than 50 characters if separated. Indeed, all the keywords are included in it, but it doesn’t get to the point for search engines.

A good blogspot permalink is

Effective Tips on How to Change Blogspot Permalinks to Be SEO Friendly
 The result becomes

2017/04/cara-merubah-permalink-blogspot.htm l –> number of characters 46

Effective Tips on How to Change Blogspot Permalinks to Be SEO Friendly

http://www.sinarblogging.net/2017/04/cara-merubah-permalink-blogspot.html   –> number of characters 73

Effective Tips on How to Change Blogspot Permalinks to Be SEO Friendly

The permalink above is correct because it has 73 characters in total or 46 in essence.
Apart from that, it includes 4 words and can target 3 keywords.

Therefore, first learn how to optimize blogspot SEO properly and correctly. So that the content of your blog articles can be recognized by search engines through targeted and concise keywords. In this way, your efforts in building a blog to get a top ranking can be achieved because you correctly changed the blogspot permalink to be SEO friendly

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