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Effective Tips for Overcoming Fear When Starting a Business for Beginner Businesspeople


Jul 28, 2017

A businessman must try to improve his skills and abilities in managing a business by ignoring his fears. The goal is clear so that what has been planned can run smoothly and satisfactorily. Apart from that, it is also to avoid the risk of loss so that the capital that has been spent can be returned quickly and can be achieved immediately.

The problem is that for novice business people, the fear of starting a business is still very high. This is characterized by the ease with which they make mistakes which are not basically calculation errors. However, what happens is that self-confidence to work is weak. Of course, this is a serious problem when it comes to the business world which is full of fierce competition.

On the other hand, questions also arise that are the cause of the scary fear of novice businesspeople. Among them, have I confirmed the way of doing business that I am starting? Is it true that my product can be sold in the Indonesian or global market? Is my knowledge about marketing effective or not? If I lose, I’m not ready to fail or go bankrupt, and a multitude of other fears that we can’t mention one by one.

Therefore, it is appropriate for you to continue to fight excessive worry every time you start a business. It can’t be said to be easy, but at least with the following tips you can reduce this fear into a business challenge that must be overcome.

Tips for overcoming feelings of fear when starting a business

Effective Tips for Overcoming Fear When Starting a Business for Beginner Businesspeople

1. Expand your comfort zone

It is impossible if a business does not have any risks.
In fact, every business undertaken by humans definitely has the potential to fail. Therefore, there is no reason for business people to remain silent and think about business development.

In some cases, many people feel that they are satisfied with what they have achieved. As a result, when global developments occurred, the businesses they ran experienced defeat in business competition. When that happens, there is a big possibility that failure is just a matter of time.

Therefore, immediately widen your comfort zone in doing business. You must have a business plan that always refers to global developments. You also have to be brave to face the risk of failure. That way you will continue to try to move forward and not be lulled by current success.

2. Maintain positive traits and attitudes

A good businessman will always think about getting maximum and satisfying results.
Likewise, the opposite applies to bad business people, they will think about getting minimal results or just being able to survive in the business world. It cannot be denied that surviving in the business world is very difficult. Especially if it is not accompanied by adequate knowledge and experience.

However, it shouldn’t be easy for you to think narrowly. Try to be a businessman who really tries and strives for greater success.

You also need to know that most business people have experienced failure in their businesses. However, they still think positively and move forward. So in that situation the brain works more, what happens?

Some of them managed to get out of the abyss of failure and reach the pinnacle of success. Even what they sacrificed was covered by subsequent business profits. Therefore, positive thinking is one of the keys to success in business.

3. Have preparation to overcome fear

Every businessman must be afraid of failure or bankruptcy.
This is a normal thing for anyone to feel. However, what needs to be underlined is how you can face the worst possibility.

In order to overcome this fear, try to provide thorough preparation for every business step you plan. Also try to have a backup strategy in case things happen that cause the first plan to not work. In this way, the potential for failure or risk of loss can be reduced many times over.

As an additional business strategy, you should also think about several possibilities that will occur with each step you take. This is very crucial because you cannot know for sure what will happen. Even so, knowing several scenarios of events that might occur in the field can make you calmer in developing your business venture. So you can be optimistic in facing healthy business competition.

4. Be willing to experience failure

In the name of business, of course there is a big income opportunity and there is also a big risk of loss.
You must really bear this fact in mind as a consequence of being a businessman or entrepreneur.

In response to this, there is no other way that you must be prepared to experience failure. Don’t be pessimistic about the possibility of loss or failure because almost every entrepreneur has experienced this problem.

You may experience failure at some point, but a successful businessman always learns from mistakes and tries to improve them. After that, try to take the precious moment to get up and make a breakthrough business development strategy. Finally what happened? Business success can be achieved and it turns out that most of this success lasts for a long time.

5. Take immediate action

One of the mistakes beginner business people make is not being confident enough to take real steps.
Most people still doubt whether what they did was right or not.

Mathematically, this has to be considered. However, you need to note that the situation means you don’t immediately take steps to start. As a result, you are increasingly busy seeking theoretical knowledge, but never have the courage to make it happen. In fact, action or “Action” is the first step in starting a business strategy.

In fact, what happens is that some business people deliberately make mistakes to find out how big an impact it can have. However, beginner business people should take simple steps first and do not involve big risks. Losing a little of your capital is not a problem as long as you know how it works and believe that it provides valuable experience for the progress of your business or way of thinking. When you do that, you have succeeded in unlocking one of the keys to business.

In conclusion, regardless of your intentions and goals in entering the business world, developing a business amidst business competition is difficult to maintain. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve success. Never giving up, being confident and optimistic about every step you plan with all considerations will be valuable capital for success. For this reason, don’t increase your fear with things that lead to negative thinking about achieving success. Have a good fight! Good luck! 

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