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Effective Tips for Building an Authority Blog Effectively and Creatively


Dec 21, 2016

Turning a managed blog into an authority blog is a blogger’s dream and target. How could a blog that has become an authority not have the opportunity to achieve success in the world of blogging? Getting lots of visitors, receiving lots of comments and making money easily are the positive impacts of a successful blog. So it’s not surprising that professional bloggers are competing to make their blogs an authority.

The problem is that achieving this goal is not easy. There are various challenges and obstacles ready to wait. Apart from that, this requires a process and time, so it is not uncommon for many bloggers to give up the struggle. This is what makes the blog fall asleep in the middle of the road because it is not maintained. If not, they switch to creating a new blog discussing a different topic.

However, you actually don’t need to worry too much about your steps. Indeed, an authority blog cannot be built overnight or in a matter of days. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved by novice bloggers.

Effective Tips for Building an Authority Blog Effectively and Creatively

Here’s how to build an authority blog

1. Only focus on one topic

Whoever you are, never take on a wide range of responsibilities.
It is true that everyone can do many things as long as they are willing to study and work hard, but if you do these things simultaneously then you will lose and will definitely fail.

The same is true if you want to make your blog and yourself an authority for other bloggers. You must have something special related to the blog. You can start by discussing a more specific topic or niche. Of course, a niche or topic that is related to your liking for something, your hobby for something or a particular field that you want to master is highly recommended. That way, the content you publish can show that you are an expert in that field.

Therefore, never build a blog covering many topics or niches. Not because it can’t be done, but this method will only make you just a caravan blogger. This means that you do not have competence in that field. So readers may see your blog as a mediocre site or website. As a result, the content contained in it will have difficulty getting recognition from readers or other bloggers.

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2. Write original or original articles

To attract readers and make them believe in your quality and capabilities as a blogger, the only way is to write genuine or original articles.
This article will make you a writer who people respect and respect. This is not strange considering that real works require hard work to make.

Therefore, write original and unique articles before making them into content on your blog. It’s not easy to do because you need knowledge and experience in writing. Apart from that, it requires a good and precise writing practice process.

If you don’t have knowledge in writing, then immediately take the smart step by learning to write articles. There are many variations of methods that you can apply. If you still have difficulty writing, there’s no harm in buying books or ebooks that discuss the world of writing. There are no shortcuts to becoming a great writer. So, you have to fight and sacrifice for the target to be achieved.

To make it easier for you to write original and unique articles, you have to like the world of writing.

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3. Create long or detailed articles

It cannot be denied that the success of building a blog is largely determined by the quality and quantity of content.
How much quality content makes visitors long to read it again. They can even read it over and over again to get a good and correct understanding. Therefore, try to create quality articles.

The way to do this is by discussing something at length and in detail. Bloggers differ in their opinions about the number of words that indicate an article meets the detailed elements. Some of them said 2000-3000 words because it refers to the number of shares on social media. Meanwhile, others say 1000-1500 words are enough because this is effective enough to achieve the target of entering the first page of search engines.

Apart from that, actually don’t worry too much about patents. However, people’s circumstances when reading an article are different. Maybe some people prefer detailed articles, but it’s not uncommon for some of them to like shorter articles (around 500-800 words). Therefore, there is no harm in writing blog articles by combining these two things.

The quantity of articles is really needed by a blog. However, if your focus is based on quantity then I doubt that your blog can achieve authority. Not because it’s impossible, but considering the fact that there are bloggers who focus more on increasing the quantity of articles and ignoring the quality of the articles, they often end up writing very short articles (around 300-400 words).

Try looking at blogs that have strong authority, such as GUIDIM.com or Sugeng.id. They only have a small amount of content because they only publish articles every few weeks, but have extraordinary writing quality. So it’s not surprising that their blog is often the topic of discussion for other bloggers.

4. Interact with readers

Trying to become an authority blogger certainly cannot be done alone.
You need a good communication network with readers. In this case, you should not remove the comment form at the end of your writing. This is important considering the extent of their attention to your writing is often determined by communication through comments.

I also realized that the comment form is often misused by readers to look for backlinks. The problem is that their comments are often not of good quality, just writing “Nice post bro”, “Thanks for sharing bro”, “The article is interesting bro”, and so on. This is often followed by planting lots of links without calculation.

Deleting the comment form is also not a wise choice to build interaction with readers. The smart way you can do is modernize comments. This will reduce the publication of unqualified comments with your consent. Another way is that you don’t modernize comments, but you can close the comments form after the number of comments has reached more than ten. If you want to interact more with readers in a quality manner then you can modernize it and not close the comment form.

In conclusion, building trust in a blog requires a series of processes and hard work. However, with good and appropriate smart work planning, all obstacles can make you even more enthusiastic. Therefore, pay attention to the 4 tips for building an authority blog above and be sure you can do it.  

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