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Easy Ways to Learn to Write Articles for Beginners


Oct 14, 2015

It has become a requirement for a blogger to publish articles regularly.
However, this may not be possible if you are not good at writing. Writing is not just filling the page, but how the writing gets a good response from readers.

It’s not easy to produce good articles, especially if you are a beginner blogger.
It takes hard work and consistent practice. So it’s not surprising that some choose the easiest way. Using writing services is one solution.

Easy Ways to Learn to Write Articles for Beginners

However, depending on the services of a writer is still not good.
Besides it will cost a lot of money because it has to be routine. Forever you will not be able to distinguish which articles are good, quality, unique, interesting or search engine friendly. You only know the standard number of words, namely 400-800 words without knowing the techniques for making them.

The good news is that you can write articles without having to spend your monthly salary.

An easy way to learn to write articles

1. Determine the topic of the article

To start creating an article, you must determine the topic first.
The topic here is not a title so you don’t need to think too carefully. You just need to limit your thinking space so that you don’t stray from the topic of discussion so that you are more focused.

Apart from that, it also makes it easier for you to find the main idea of ​​the derivative topic.
For example, if your topic is about the internet for students, the derived ideas could be the benefits of the internet for students, the negative impact of the internet for students, the benefits of the internet for students.

2. Pay attention to the beginning of the words of each paragraph

There are several things about writing the opening words of each paragraph that can be a problem.
One of the reasons is not knowing what kind of main idea a paragraph should contain.

This is not surprising considering that novice writers do not prepare themselves for writing.
Becoming a writer does require a process. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait a long time. At least you try to pay attention to articles in the mass media, print media or articles from famous bloggers.

From reading the opening words of each paragraph you will get a more vivid paragraph idea.
Opening words like the example of this article “It has become, Not an easy thing, Nevertheless, the good news, and so on”.

Apart from reading articles, you can also listen to news presenters.
Pay attention to the beginning of every word they say. That way, your ideas for developing paragraphs will be wide open. How did it happen? Yes, basically the beginning of each paragraph reflects the main idea of ​​each paragraph.

3. Don’t think about whether the sentence structure is right or wrong

A writer is a free expression.
Therefore, don’t get hung up on standard grammar and words. If you want to become a writer, you must avoid principles like this first.

The aim of this method is so that the ideas that have arisen in your mind have been put into sentences.
Ideas are valuable capital to provide beneficial effects for readers. Therefore, you have to make sure the idea is not separated from the content of your article.

After you are finished with all that, then you reread and edit.
If there are errors or the meaning is difficult to understand, you can change or develop it again without losing the main idea.

4. Write as if you are talking to a reader

Often a writer writes for himself.
Even though the writer’s job is to serve food to the reader. If the writing is difficult for readers to understand, immediately change the delivery style you use.

Not caring about readers is the biggest mistake.
Readers will be happy if they are entertained, benefit and are appreciated by the author through articles.

An easy way to do this is to get used to writing with the word “you”.
This word further shows that the reader is appreciated.

Likewise, with the criteria for readers, you have to know who they are, such as their level of education or other things.
Make sure the article does not contain words that are difficult to understand.

5. Don’t get hung up on a certain number of words

In writing, fixating on the number of words is also not good.
Some people require you to write a minimum of 500 words. If you can afford it, go ahead, but if you can’t, it’s best to just write a 300 word article. Impact!

Writing requires the concepts of introduction, content and conclusion.
Therefore reading other people’s articles is the best solution. How they make small talk before the real content emerges, but still present valuable information. The main key lies in the reader’s derived needs.

Knowing the reader’s derivative needs will more or less develop your way of thinking about something.
For example, if you are thinking about “The benefits of the internet for students” then you can write a paragraph about “Reasons why it is difficult for students to get the benefits of the internet” or “When should students get to know the internet”. The main point is that you can use the 5W1H technique (what, where, when, who, why and how).

In conclusion, no matter how great a tip or method is, it won’t work without trial and error.
Getting into the habit of writing is the best solution to find out the effectiveness of articles. Therefore, as long as you practice writing, there will be hope that you will become a great writer.

Basically writing is not about talent and heredity.
But writing is about practice and practice. As long as you are confident in yourself, all difficulties and obstacles in writing will disappear by themselves. Therefore, don’t be afraid to publish your articles even though you are just learning to write articles, because your writing skills will increase as you gain experience in training and practice. So, just enjoy the process of becoming a great writer. 

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