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Easy Ways to Find Out if a Domain Name Has Never Been Used by Someone Else


Sep 18, 2021

 In building a digital business, one of the things that is most needed is to have a website. By building a website, your business can further improve your brand or personal branding.

The problem is that building a digital business is not as easy as it seems. In reality, you will be faced with the situation of choosing the right and unique website name / domain name. A domain name that has been used by someone else can have positive or negative consequences.

If you choose a domain name that has been used by someone else and the name has had a negative side, such as a domain name that has been banned by Google Adsense, then one thing is certain. No matter how hard you build a website and fill it with posts that are useful for creating a blog, you will not be able to register it again in the Google Adsense program. 

Even though Google Adsense is a way to monetize websites/blogs to make money. It’s not the only one, but with the loss of the potential to participate in the Google Adsense advertising program, the potential for making money becomes smaller.

That’s why it is very important for those of you who want to have a website to really choose a domain name that is unique and has never been used by anyone else.

How do you know whether a domain name has been used or not?

To answer this problem, please follow the following steps:

Visit the Domaintools.com site

Type the domain name you want

Then please type ” Search

If a captcha appears, please fill it in so that you are not detected as a robot.

If details about the domain appear, try to pay attention to the “Domain Status” section if there is a statement “Never Registered Before” which means the domain name has never been used.

However, if the information in “Domain Status” says “Deleted And Available Again”, this indicates that the domain name was once used by someone else, but has now been deleted and is available to be registered (purchased) again.

Easy isn’t it??

However, there are other things you should pay attention to before choosing a domain name for either a blog website or online sales. Indeed, the domain name is unique and has never been registered by anyone else. However, if you use a domain name that is similar to a big brand name (company), be careful. 

For example, the Yahoo.com brand then someone uses the domain name kudunyahoo.com. Choosing a kudunyahoo domain name will sooner or later be problematic.

Some brands may keep it quiet, but in many cases choosing the same or similar domain name as a big brand can lead to legal problems. It is not uncommon for big brands to feel that they have suffered branding or material losses, so they sue the owners of similar domain names to the authorities.

The bad news when dealing with patents is paying fines or going to prison. Maybe you have heard a lot of news about patent infringement between Google vs Apple, or other cases. The fines imposed on the guilty party are tens of millions to billions of rupiah.

Therefore, if you want to choose a domain name for a blog website or sales website, try to make it unique, easy to remember, easy to spell, has never been used and of course not similar/similar to the website names of big brands that have very strong financial and brand patent rights. strong.

If you want to have a domain name, I recommend the following websites to buy domains:

1) Idwebhost

2) NiagaHoster

3) Domainesia

4) Idcloudhost

5) JagoanHosting

That’s all and hopefully it’s useful. 

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