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Easy Ways to Create a Blog on Blogger


Jun 20, 2015

In the previous post I shared how to create a new email in Gmail.
So, on this occasion I will share how to create a blog on Blogger.com which I hope will be useful for those of you who want to start blogging activities on the internet. The method

it’s not as complicated as other blogging platforms to put into practice so don’t worry.

Even though there are many blogging platforms available on the internet such as WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, and many more.
However, this time I will briefly explain how to create a blog on Blogger. Why Blogger and not others? Because of the ease of features provided by Blogger, it is very suitable for beginner bloggers.

Actually, creating a new blog on Blogger is very easy and can be done by anyone who wants to blog.
The main requirement before creating a blog is to have a Gmail email account (read:
Easy Ways to Create a New Email in Gmail ). With email, you can start creating a new blog. My suggestion is that you better use Gmail email to create a blog on Blogger because both belong to Google.
1. Please visit 

Let’s just start with the steps to create a blog

in your web browser so that it looks like this

Please fill in your email address and click “next” to fill in the email password.

If so, immediately click “Sign in”

Email and blogger use the same address to log in.
So it’s easy for you to remember.

3. After the new Blogger window appears, look for the words “New Blog”

4. Next, you click on the text and it will appear like this

In the “Title” column, fill in the name of the blog title according to you.

In the “Address” column, with the name of the blog site you want, as long as it says “This blog address is available.”

In the “Template” column, it’s up to you because later you can change it again according to your wishes.

Next, you click “Create Blog”

5. At this point, I congratulate you because your blog has been created.

To make your blog look more attractive, you can create your own creativity according to the menu provided by Blogger.

Next, you just have to create interesting content so that it can be monetized (read:
How to Make Money From a Blog ). 

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