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Easy Ways to Beautify the Appearance of the Member Area in Sejoli Membership


Sep 9, 2021

May I ask first… do you already have a professional web membership using the Sejoli membership plugin by Dewa Eka Prayoga et al?

Have you ever felt that Sejoli products are very popular, to the point that now they have thousands of members. However, behind the popularity of the lovebirds plugin, it certainly tells the story of the monotony of the website membership display which can be seen by the website owner or its members. 

It’s no longer a secret that so many online business people use couples, whether for direct sales or using an affiliate system, so we too often see the same membership access all the time. If you view it often, there is a big possibility that you will become bored or bored of staying on the website for a long time.

The best news is that the Lovebirds Shortcodes Addon is now available

Cool WordPress Plugin to change the design of the Sejoli Membership Plugin Member Area.

The advantage of this addon is that you can display member data such as identity, statistics and affiliate link copy forms in the members area . Moreover, you can design all this data to be cooler, more user friendly and in line with the brand of the website you are using to develop your business. The goal is very clear, namely to make your members feel more at home in the member area of ​​your website.

So their potential to increase transactions in your business is large, whether they buy your product directly or become an affiliate of your product. This means your turnover will increase.

The good news is that the Grand Launching Event is currently open. At this event, you can get a 50% DISCOUNT if you buy it before 19 September 2021 . Use coupon code ” ARTAR

Use Coupon Code ARTAR  to get 50% OFF at Checkout

O.. Yes… if you don’t have the lovebirds membership plugin, you can get it below…

Check Lovebirds Plugin Details


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