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Easy Way to Delete a Blog on Blogger


Jun 24, 2015

At the beginning of the enthusiasm for blogging, everyone wanted things to be fast so that they could make money from blogs quickly.
However, instead of achieving success, there is confusion because there are so many blogs being created. Having lots of blogs isn’t a problem, but if you don’t take care of them you’ll just create one

blog without any results.
It’s like having a money machine that you just leave alone. It doesn’t pay, but it’s still unsightly.

Deleting a blog on Blogger is easy and can be done at any time.
Before you delete your blog, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the consequences before it’s too late.

Some warnings that you should pay attention to before deleting a blog include:

1. Make sure that the article you have written has been copied so that it is not deleted/copypasted

2. Make sure that the name of the blog you are going to delete does not have the potential to be stolen by someone else

3. Make sure that the blog you are deleting clean of important data

If you have done this, we can start the steps to delete the blog

1. Please log in first to your Blogger account at

2. On your blogger dashboard as below, click the options menu

3. In the options menu >> Click “Settings” >> you search and please click “Other”

 then a display like this will appear

You just click “Delete blog” at the top

4. Next a window like this will appear

Please click “Delete This Blog”.

5. At this point the process of deleting your blog has been completed.


After 90 days, your blog will truly be lost forever.
Therefore, make sure once again that your blog is deleted because it is no longer useful for you.

However, you can still
create a new blog on Blogger with the same blog name (domain) on Blogger, of course if the blog name is not already used by someone else, because the internet also knows buying and selling domains. if the domain is profitable they will definitely use it. 

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