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Easy Way to Create a New Email in Gmail


Jun 17, 2015

The internet is like a borderless world that provides various conveniences for everyone.
Likewise, email is the basic key to entering the vast world of the internet. Therefore,

having an email address is a necessity to make it easier to access the internet more deeply.

Nowadays, email is really needed by various groups of people to interact.
Starting from students, employees, online business people and the general public. Supported by easy and fast internet access, sending emails displaces people from sending via post or other means.

Easy Way to Create a New Email in Gmail

People tend to want to do something because they are motivated by the benefits they get.
Therefore, by having a new email address in Gmail, there are several benefits you can get, including:

1. Media for sending data (letters, ebooks, images, videos, etc.)

2. Media for communicating (chatting) without country restrictions. certain areas

3. Media for creating blogs / websites as a hobby or a way to make money

4. Media for creating social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

5. Media for creating online bank accounts (Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, etc. others)

6. Information media by becoming a newsletter subscriber from a well-known newspaper/blog

7. And others.

Because of these great benefits, you should have created an email.

If not, please follow the steps to create a new email in Gmail below:

1. Please open the site

    then click
create an account on the top right.

2. After the form appears as below


Fill in all the columns one by one.

For ‘
email name ‘ it’s up to you (for example ‘[email protected]’)

For the ‘
your current email address’ column , just leave it blank

3. Once everything is filled in, put a tick on ‘I agree Google’s terms and privacy policy’.

4. Click ‘
Next step

5. After that there will be a confirmation ‘welcome…’

At this point your new email in Gmail has been created.

Next, you can edit your profile if you want to add a profile picture and you can immediately start trying some of the benefits I mentioned above.

With email on Gmail (Google) you can enjoy various google.com services including being able to register on YouTube and Blogger which can be monetized with Google Adsense to earn additional income. 

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