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Do you think making money from a blog is easy?


Oct 23, 2016

As a blogger, of course the most exciting target is to monetize your blog so you can make money. How could it not be that when the blog can make money, your self-confidence and blogging determination will become stronger. Not only that, the target of becoming a new rich person is just a matter of time away. So it’s not surprising that all kinds of methods are studied and tested in order to get the biggest blog monetization method. .

But the reality is that making money from blogs is not easy. It takes extensive knowledge and experience to make it happen. Besides that, hard work and patience are the keys to success. Even for this a person is willing to learn and not make money through his blog in a few long months. It’s not because he doesn’t want to monetize his blog, but for the sake of proper knowledge in blogging, he has to do that. 

Do you think making money from a blog is easy?

You need to know that not all existing bloggers can monetize the blogs they manage. Instead of regretting later because you haven’t been able to pay out, but have been banned by money-making programs such as Google Adsense. Some bloggers don’t blog for commercial purposes, but most use their blogs as money-making machines. This is because building a blog is not easy and requires quite a large amount of money to be successful.

Regarding the problem above, there are at least several things that should be of serious concern for those of you who want to become successful bloggers. The goal is clear so that the blog you build will be very strong and not become a laughing stock for professional bloggers.

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the issue of blog content. Content in blogs is usually in the form of writing or articles with supporting images or videos. In fact, in the internet world, content plagiarism is the biggest mistake in building a blog. How could content that is indicated as plagiarism be exposed to the Google Sandbox, meaning your blog will not be indexed by the Google search engine. Even worse, your blog can be permanently deleted by Google. Isn’t this scary enough?

Apart from that, if you want to use a paid domain name, really pay attention to the domain name. Try to use a unique domain name, preferably a domain name that has never been used by internet users. Meanwhile, try to ensure that the domain name does not contain a big brand. You need to note that mistakes like this could result in your blog being subpoenaed by the brand.

Even though you have done the above, it is not a guarantee that your blog will be immediately successful and make money. The most crucial factor in this problem is that the number of visitors coming to the blog is still small. Most bloggers complain about this. How could it not be that when they create blog content it is not easy to get on the first page of search engines.

It’s not without reason why this is considered difficult. The large number of bloggers who write the same material means that the highest quality and detailed content is given priority by search engines. In fact, because of this standard, article content that has a word count of under 500 words only ranks at the bottom. This is the main factor in the difficulty of attracting a large number of visitors.

Even though the above has discussed in general the issue of blogging, it is not a guarantee that blog monetization can be carried out immediately. Some money-making programs sometimes require several months to see blog progress. If the blog experiences significant development then it will be accepted.

With this in mind, it can be said that making money from blogs is not as easy as it is said. Apart from that, if you have set the intention, determination, enthusiasm, hard work and patience, I think one day you will definitely succeed. 

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