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Criteria for Being Eligible to Become a Paid Freelance Writer


Mar 30, 2017

Do you have criteria as a paid freelance writer? Do you hope other people will buy the articles you write?

Indeed, having skills as an article writer is something special. How could it not be, with good writing skills you can make money from selling these articles. Moreover, on the internet, the need for articles can be said to keep coming. This is proven by the emergence of many personal websites or blogs whose managers are still beginners.

You need to know that an article writer should have criteria. This criterion does not refer to the number of words that can be written. However, far from that, the criteria I mean refer to good article writing skills in accordance with the correct language spelling. Apart from that, the uniqueness of an article and its quality are things that you must do if you want to become a paid online writer.

Maybe you already know that there are many article writing services on the internet. They compete to offer their writing services to fill other people’s blog content. Even so, the reality is that some of them are not worthy of opening an article selling service, why? Because they don’t have the criteria of a freelance writer.

Criteria for Being Eligible to Become a Paid Freelance Writer

Criteria for becoming a paid freelance writer

1. Happy and happy with the hobby of writing

In essence, writing is not about talent or heredity.
So, don’t be afraid if you want to become a paid freelance article writer. Whoever you are, if you are not happy with the world of writing, you will never be able to become a great and successful writer. Many great writers started from a hobby and writing habit.

Therefore, don’t think about millions of dollars before you love the world of writing. If you do this, your inspirational writing ideas will disappear and it will be difficult to come back.

2. Able to produce unique articles

The most important criterion for becoming a paid freelance writer is writing results.
An online writer needs to work smart in serving his customers. This can be seen from the writing ordered. If the article is unique and free from copy paste elements then this is what is expected.

However, if this is not possible for reasons and considerations so that it is only a re-writing, then try to keep the article unique both in terms of the use of words, delivery of sentences or a different writing style. If you can do this for customers then you have definite criteria to become a paid freelance writer.

3. Ready to assume responsibility

In general, every activity or job has responsibilities.
The same is true for a freelance article writer. Without responsibility, a customer’s trust will be destroyed. As a result, you will lose customer loyalty to continue using your services. When that happens, your chances of making money from them will stop.

Therefore, set good and correct intentions if you decide to become a paid article writer. Try to be honest about your writing skills. Don’t lie to customers with false promises because building customer trust is not as easy as destroying it. To make this point easier, you should have a definite contract system with customers.

4. Continue to try to improve your writing skills

Regardless of customer responses praising the quality of your articles, you still have to continue to improve your writing skills to be better, more creative and innovative.
Maybe you have noticed that the writing styles of different authors vary. However, the problem is if your writing style does not innovate.

Basically, the article writing style that you offer can be recognized after they receive 10-20 articles. If you can’t be creative in presenting a new or different writing style then the quality of your articles will be weaker. As a result, your customers will get bored and may run away to look for other freelance writing services.

That’s why you often read books, ebooks, magazines, newspapers or other people’s writings. If possible, also listen to formal news broadcasts or unique news. That way you can find a new writing style to apply to your next writing.

5. Mastery of written material

One way to convince customers to want to use your writing services is that you master the material to be written.
Indeed, mastery of material can be influenced by hobbies, interests, work, or others. However, if you can comprehend and understand what you write then that is enough to meet the criteria for being a paid writer.

When you have mastered and understood the material, you can compose articles more easily. Moreover, if you already have an innovative writing style, there is little chance that you will not be able to produce unique and quality articles. If that’s the case, just wait for the time when customers will be loyal and use your services.

6. Confident and confident

Regarding opening a paid writing service, I think it is not much different from opening other business ventures.
The problems that are often faced are fear and lack of confidence when facing the first customer. However, it is not the best way if you give up on this.

You must believe that success cannot be achieved in an easy way without obstacles and obstacles. Losers think of running away from problems, but winners think of it as a challenge. So, double your confidence and self-confidence to become a writer.

To make this phase easier, you should start by writing articles that you consider to be of the highest quality. In this way, a sense of confidence and self-confidence will continue to grow along with satisfied customer responses.

In conclusion, it is not easy to become a writer. You need determination and a strong passion to start it. However, if you have the 5 criteria for paid freelance writing above, it is very likely that your article writing service will be busy and customers will be satisfied. 

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