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Creative Tips for Creating Unique Articles Easily and Quickly


Jan 5, 2017

In order to develop a professional blog, updating articles is something that must be done regularly. Moreover, if you can create unique articles, the appeal of your blog will be greater and stronger to potential readers. Regardless of your writing ability, you still have to have a schedule for publishing articles, even if only once a month.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to write unique articles. Especially if you are still a beginner blogger who has just started writing articles. The problem arises because almost most of the article topics have been widely reviewed by other bloggers. That’s why it’s not strange if there are dozens or even hundreds of titles that discuss the same problem.

However, you don’t need to worry about facing this reality. Basically, everyone has their own uniqueness, so it is not impossible that you can produce unique articles too.

Creative Tips for Creating Unique Articles Easily and Quickly

Easy tips for creating unique articles

1. Read

Before you move on to writing a unique article, it’s a good idea to first read the material you are going to discuss.
You can find hundreds of article titles on the internet that discuss specific problems.

It is highly recommended that you read more than 3 articles from the first page of search engines. However, the more the better, because there may be articles that are important, but have not been discussed by other authors. For this reason, don’t just choose short or short articles (400-600 words). It’s also better if you read long articles with a word count of more than 1000. That way you can probably find all the important material in them.

2. Understand

After you read the article, of course your understanding of the main idea of ​​the reading is very good.
In this case, people’s ability to understand writing may vary. Some people can understand the main idea in one reading, while others have to repeat the reading several times.

Apart from these differences, maybe you need to learn how to read quickly and effectively. So you don’t need to read word for word to find the main idea. Indeed, not everyone has mastered speed reading techniques. But by reading a lot and mastering the types of paragraphs, I think this can be realized in a short time.

3. Observe and Mark

If you find it difficult to remember what you read due to memory problems, it is better for you to copy-paste the article into Microsoft Word or Wordpad or other media.
Next, you observe which is the main idea of ​​the paragraph. In this case, the main idea could be at the front of the paragraph, in the middle or at the back of the paragraph. What is clear is that you have to know it clearly.

After that, you mark all the keywords by rewriting them into the writing framework that you created. If necessary, add other main ideas contained in other articles. That way, what you will write covers everything related to the problem.

4. Modification

The final step in creating a unique article is to rewrite it.
What I mean by rewrite is rewriting articles by avoiding pure copy-paste techniques. It can also be interpreted as writing articles according to your way of thinking in expressing your opinion. In other words, you use your personal abilities to compose word for word using innovative and creative techniques.

It’s not easy if you’ve never written an article. However, if you want to become a great writer then you have to diligently practice writing regularly. One more thing you need to remember to make your ability to modify articles easier is to read lots of quality articles and know their writing techniques. This way you can collect several writing techniques and combine them according to your way of thinking.

To make it easier to modify articles, it seems that theory is not enough. However, it must be accompanied by an example to make it clearer. Therefore, pay attention to the following steps.

“To be honest, not everyone has good writing skills . For this reason, some people run to writing courses so they can gain adequate writing knowledge . So that within a few months or years you can publish books that are useful for society.

The problem is that not everyone wants to spend money on writing courses. The middle way is that they create a blog and practice writing to fill in the content in it. So, it could be said that writing on a blog is a medium for practicing writing which is good for you. It’s not without reason that I say that because blog posts often get responses in the form of comments from readers. So it is not surprising that there are criticisms and suggestions from readers regarding the writing or material.”

By reading, understanding, observing, marking and modifying it can become

“The reality is that not everyone is born with good writing skills . There are even some of them who don’t know the benefits of writing. So it’s not surprising that writing is considered difficult. To overcome this difficulty, going to various writing course locations must be done in order to gain proper and correct journalistic knowledge . Of course, with the hope of being able to collect them into books that can be accepted by publishers so that they can increase the knowledge of many people.

Unfortunately the cost for the course It can be said that writing is not cheap so only some people are willing to sacrifice for it. However, they do not lose their creativity in expressing their thoughts and ideas because in blog media they can freely practice writing articles . Moreover, there is the potential that every article written will receive comments from readers. So that the suggestions and criticism they convey can increase the knowledge of other readers.”

In conclusion, sometimes to create a unique article you don’t have to start by collecting complete data and facts. Moreover, this cannot be done in a short time so it may take several hours or days to get the material. However, by applying the article writing tips above, I’m sure you don’t need to visit a course to understand the world of writing. 

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