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Content Writing Services | Tricks to Build a More Effective Blog? Is it true?


Nov 16, 2015

With the popularity of blogs nowadays, it can be a great opportunity for online business.
How could it not be, through blogs we can make hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. However, that doesn’t mean that getting involved in the world of the internet is very easy. The reality is that building a blog that produces results requires a process and extra hard work.


Just relying on your own abilities is sometimes not enough. How could it not be that in the process of building a blog we have to create content in the form of articles, promote the blog, and look for/plant backlinks. Of course this will take a long time and be tiring. Moreover, if you have to chase a large target audience.

On the other hand, daily content publication is very necessary. The goal is for the blog to quickly get visitors from search engines. If this is forced, it is not impossible that we will get sick due to lack of sleep. Therefore, the role of other, more expert people is needed to achieve a blog that can be monetized. That way the burden you have to think about becomes lighter.

The most practical way to do this is to use the services of an article/content writer. This method is relatively easy and fast. Other people create articles while you do promotional tasks and look for backlinks. With this trick you can post articles every day without a hitch.

Methods like this are also a strategy for successful bloggers to manage their blogs. So it’s not surprising that they have dozens of blogs with various topics that make money. They themselves only work 3-6 hours per day. What do you think? It is easy for them to sell articles cheaply so that the guarantee of unique articles is doubtful. Plus, when double-checked using the plagiarism checker tool, the results obtained were no more than 30%. As a result, you will be disappointed because you have already paid a lot.

If you want to use this trick, you have to be very clever in choosing content writing services. Don’t choose a writing service that has not been recommended by other people so that you won’t be disappointed in the future. Because after all, content writing services are a field for making big money, so many people take advantage of cheating.

Therefore, choose a credible content writing service. The hope is that the articles obtained are of high quality and contain SEO keyword optimization so that they can land on the first page of search engines (Google). For Indonesian language content, you can try at Writercontent , while specifically for English, you can try it. Apart from that, the articles they offer are guaranteed to be unique and free from copy-paste. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if your blog is monetized using the Google Adsense program which is very sensitive to content plagiarism. But you have to be prepared to spend more money. However the price is a Iwriter. . unique and quality article

is expensive. Even so, you will not be disappointed with their service because customer satisfaction is their main priority. Therefore, content writing services can be a solution for you to build a more effective blog. 

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