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Confused Between Topics Based on Interests or HPK Topics for Beginner Bloggers


May 31, 2017

Are you confused about choosing a blog topic based on interests or HPK (High Paying Keywords)? Indeed, the development of blogs has now reached a period of popularity. How could it not be, almost everyone has a personal blog, whether they are teenagers, adults or parents. In fact, because of this blogging hobby, they have more than one blog. What’s great is that they blog on different topics.

If the topic is still based on interest then it can be said to be light. However, it turns out that they also play on HPK (High Paying Keyword) topics, which are the topics with the most potential to make money.

In this regard, of course you don’t want to take the wrong steps because building a blog cannot be done in an instant or a few days. Even those who actually build a blog must regularly publish good quality content, including articles, images or videos.

So what are the tips or the right way to choose a topic for a blog? To answer this you have to look at several clear aspects and considerations. That way, your blog can become a storehouse of useful knowledge as well as a money-making machine.

Confused Between Topics Based on Interests or HPK Topics for Beginner Bloggers

Benefits of interest-based blog topics

1. It’s easier to find article ideas

It cannot be denied that it will be easy for you to find article ideas based on your interests.
This is proven because your concentration is limited and focused on your interests. It could even be that without thinking twice, dozens of article ideas will appear quickly in a matter of minutes. So it is not surprising that the suitability of interests and topics will go hand in hand so that the blog can be managed well and regularly.

2. It’s easier to write articles

Considering that article ideas are easy to get, the consequences for writing articles are also easier.
Every problem or anxiety you feel can be turned into a valuable article. That’s why many bloggers can write long articles of more than 1000 words.

3. It’s easier to blogwalk on blogs with the same topic

To make your blog busy with visitors, you must do blogwalking activities regularly.
That way, there will be lots of links from other websites pointing to your blog. This is an easy way to make your blog quality on the Google search engine.

Weaknesses of blog topics based on interests

1. Advertising commissions tend to be small

Even though there are many advantages if you blog based on interest, there are still disadvantages that you should be aware of.
The aim is so that despair does not overtake you because interest-based topics tend to be small in terms of advertising commissions. Not all of them, but it’s very rare that your interests are directly proportional to something that many people are looking for.

2. Heavy competition on search engines

When you create articles based on interests, what happens in search engines like Google can be the opposite.
Your writing will be difficult to find on the first page of search engines. Your article could even appear in tens or hundreds of positions on Google. The reason is that your article cannot compete with other people’s articles in terms of quality.

3. Keywords are not widely searched

Your hope in writing articles is for other people to read them.
However, because keywords based on interest tend to be less searched, it is very likely that there will be no readers. So don’t be surprised if your article is just decoration for the Google search engine.

For beginner bloggers, of course choosing a blog topic based on interests is easier than going straight to the HPK topic. This is because the content material that will be written is already well known so that you don’t feel unfamiliar with the terms that will appear. Remember, basically blogging activities can be said to be not easy.

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However, it’s different if you dive straight into the HPK topic.
Even though this is for the sake of earning a bigger income, it doesn’t mean that the burden of producing articles will be easy. The number of searches on the HPK topic is very large. But the road to conquering it is also difficult.

So, if you feel you are at the stage of learning to write articles, it is better to focus on blogs based on interests. After that, if you feel you can write quality articles for search engines and humans, please enter the realm of HPK. That way, your struggle will be gradual and reduce the risk of giving up along the way. 

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