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Characteristics of articles that are interesting and not boring


Nov 22, 2015

As a writer, it is natural that the characteristics of articles that are interesting and not boring are the main focus.
Not just for yourself, but for the reader. That way they can capture all the main ideas and benefits perfectly.

However, this is difficult to achieve because some people often ignore important trivial things. Viewing the article from your point of view certainly does not represent the reader’s satisfaction. Even though you think it is good and useful, in reality those are not the only characteristics of an article that is interesting and not boring.

Characteristics of articles that are interesting and not boring

Therefore, it is a good idea for you to understand and study the article before publishing it. Of the many things that influence there are at least 5 that are important.

Interesting article?

1. The paragraph is not too long.
From any perspective, when reading, someone needs a pause to rest and catch their breath. In this case, the paragraph is the benchmark.

Even though what you present is very good and of high quality, don’t let your readers get tired and find it difficult to find the main idea. Ideally a paragraph is 2-5 sentences or around 5 lines. If it is more than that, it will be difficult for readers to remember the main ideas.

Why is that? Yes, as a reader, long paragraphs usually contain more than one main idea, so when reading is stopped by a situation, they have to read from the beginning. Of course, this is a complaint that can be a disappointment.

2. Language that is easy to digest
Even if you know some popular and unfamiliar terms, you should not use them excessively. As we know, most readers do not have the same level of education and experience.

Therefore presenting them with unfamiliar terms will make it difficult for them to grasp the main idea. Expecting them to socialize like you is not a wise thought. You should give in a little in this case and use simple language that they are used to. That way, their opportunity to read your next article is greater. It goes without saying that most readers like unique and interesting experiences or data or facts. That way they admire who the author is.

3. Bring experiences, data or facts

Bringing experiences that you have experienced can sometimes be very interesting for readers, especially if the reader’s experience is almost the same. They seem to have found another solution to overcome the problem.

Likewise with data or facts. Basically, someone will be more confident if there is data released or facts that really happened. Bringing up these 2 things can help your readers believe in your credibility as a writer.

4. Not patronizing
As a good article writer, don’t think of readers as students who don’t know anything. Maybe they already know, but are just looking for a different reference source.

Therefore, try to make sure that the language style you use does not seem patronizing. However, consider readers as friends who must be respected. If you follow these tips and tricks, it is not impossible that they will consider you a special friend.

5. The article is too long
In contrast to paragraphs that are too long, articles that are too long depend on the number of words. Although there is no definite standard for the number of words in each article. However, long articles can be boring. Why?

In my opinion, the ideal article can be completed in 5-15 minutes. If it is more than that, the reader’s eyes will get tired before finishing the entire sentence. Therefore, the only suggestion for the number of words in each article is 400-800 words. However, you can maximize more than 1000 words from time to time to pursue positions in search engines.

Try to write good articles for readers is not as easy as the theory. However, with hard work and experience, you can conquer the characteristics of articles that are interesting and not boring for readers. Hope it is useful. 

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