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Causes and How to Resolve Hidden Mobile Redirects on Blogs


Jan 22, 2017

It is surprising to find that your blog cannot be accessed by search engines. The problem arises because a hidden mobile redirect has occurred so that the index in the search engine is stopped or temporarily deleted. Even though you think the blog does not violate Google Webmaster Tools.

Regardless of what you do, of course this problem will really disrupt the development of the blog.
How could it not be that the appearance of a blog on the SERP would make the blog empty of visitors? Moreover, if there are still few visitors, it is not impossible that the frustration of managing a blog will increase drastically. This is what makes some novice bloggers feel confused about what to do after receiving a message from Google.

Causes and How to Resolve Hidden Mobile Redirects on Blogs

However, you actually don’t need to be afraid of facing this problem.
The reality is that hidden mobile redirects can be solved well and correctly. And of course your blog can be accessed again by search engines.

First, let’s review the things that can cause hidden mobile redirects to occur on blogs.
There are at least 3 reasons that Google considers in assessing sites, namely

1. Adding code that creates redirect rules for mobile users


2. Using scripts or elements to display ads and monetize content that redirect mobile users

3. Scripts or elements added by hackers that redirect users mobile to malicious sites

To check whether the ad you have placed on your blog has detected hidden mobile redirects or not, please check below

https://www.google.com/transparencyreport/safebrowsing/diagnostic/?hl=en#url=Ad URL

How to solve redirect problems hidden mobile

1. The first step you have to make sure that there are no advertising scripts that you have saved in the HTML template.
If you have advertisements, delete the script first and click save template.

2. The second step is to open the Google Webmaster Tools page (Google Search Console).

3. After that, click ”
Crawl ” then click ” Retrieve as Google ” on this page, leave it at the ” Dekstop ” option.

After that, click ”
Retrieve and Render ” followed by clicking ” Request Indexing

Causes and How to Resolve Hidden Mobile Redirects on Blogs

4. Next, click on “
Search Traffic ” then click again on “ Manual Actions ”. There a page will appear explaining that your site has carried out hidden mobile redirects.

Causes and How to Resolve Hidden Mobile Redirects on Blogs

To request a review of your site, then click ”
Request Review ” and the following form will appear

Causes and How to Resolve Hidden Mobile Redirects on Blogs

5. Fill in the form regarding the steps you have taken to ensure there are no further webmaster violations.
If you have difficulty arranging words, you can copy the writing above.

6. The final step is to check “”
I declare that my site does not violate Google Webmaster Guidelines ” then click “ Request a review ”.

You have done all the steps so you just have to wait for approval from Google.
Usually a reply email will arrive between 1 day and 1 week.

However, I suggest that you continue to fill in blog content so that after your blog is free from the hidden mobile redirect problem, your blog readers will still think that your blog has updated articles correctly and consistently. 

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  1. akhirnyaaaaaaaaaaa, makasih info nya gan… sialan pageview saya jadi turun drastis 90% gilaaaa gara" pengalihan ini, saya kira blog saya kena sandbox -_-
    sekali lagi makasih gan 😀

  2. gan saya sudah ikuti langkah 1 sampai 4. tapi pas langkah terakhir waktu saya klik menu Tindakan Manual gak ada tulisan pengalihan seluler tersembunyi dan gak ada tombol meminta tinjauan. yang ada cuma tulisan Tidak ditemukan tindakan webspam manual. Itu kenapa ya gan… apa itu udah berhasil ???

  3. Coba tunggu balasan email yang masuk dalam beberapa hari kedepan. Jika agan telah melakukan langkah 1-4 saya rasa itu sudah selesai untuk bagian anda. Selanjutnya tugas Google untuk konfirmasi keberhasilannya. Berharap saja bahwa blog anda cepat keluar dari pengalihan seluler tersebut. Good luck.

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