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Broken Link | Understanding and Influence on Blogs


Sep 23, 2023
Talking about broken links, of course this is a serious concern for all bloggers. How can the existence of broken links destroy your dream of building a better and more famous blog? On the other hand, visitors can feel disappointed because this makes them feel cheated by the blog owner.

So what is a broken link?

The definition of a broken link is an active link (link) that directs to another page. However, the page for which the active link is intended has been deleted or moved or changed so that when the active link is clicked, the destination page gets an error, 404 not found or no display.

Why this happened?
Basically, the link you put on your blog is up to your wishes. However, as a beginner blogger who has just built a blog, it is certainly important to provide internal links and external links to support article information. That way, you have the opportunity to get more readers to read related articles. So, the possibility of a broken link occurring is small because you can anticipate it well and carefully.

Broken Link |  Understanding and Influence on Blogs

However, the problem is the external links that appear. In some cases, some of the external links you are aiming for have been moved or changed by the original owner so that the link you are using is broken or the page does not exist.

Apart from that, it is common knowledge that the comments column is a way for visitors to interact with you. Through this, readers can provide any suggestions or criticism or meaningful responses regarding the topic.

However, there are several options before commenting. Does it provide an active link or not. If not then this is not a problem, but if you use an active link in commenting it is of course important for you to ensure the link really works well.

One example of what happens is that the link address (usually a link that leads to the blog page) has been deleted or the comment link has become broken. Apart from that, it could also happen because the domain has expired or expired so that it is no longer read by search engines or browsers.

So what influence do broken links have?

In this regard, some novice bloggers may think this is a trivial matter. However, if we refer to experienced bloggers, of course this becomes very serious.

How can the existence of broken links in a blog not have a slight impact on the page rank of the blog? So it is not surprising that this can reduce the pagerank ranking to a lower level. If the backlinks you have are also lost then the worst consequence is that the pagerank ranking will be zero or non-existent.

Apart from that, the effect is very visible on the position of articles in search engines. Even if you take great pains to write quality and very long articles. However, on the other hand, if a broken link is detected, it is certain that the position of the article in the SERP will decrease.

You also need to know that the Google search engine really hates broken links on blogs. If you don’t solve the problem immediately, it is possible that the blog could be considered manipulating search engines so that it could be marked as a spam blog.

Therefore, as a closing, occasionally check the active links on your blog. If it is indicated that you have been infected with a broken link epidemic, immediately make repairs, replace it with a link that is still working or delete it permanently from the blog. So that in the future your blog can achieve the targets you expect.

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What, your blog still has broken links? 

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