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Bloggers Write Themselves Or Writing Services


May 18, 2015
If you pay attention to every website or blog, you will definitely get content that is the content of that blog. Blog content can be in the form of written articles, videos, audio, etc.
Content is the result of the work of bloggers in expressing creative ideas about topics

what they describe.

If you are starting to become a blogger, it is a good idea for you to determine a topic that you should be good at or like, because if you choose a topic that is opposite to what you are interested in and like then it is not impossible that you will experience difficulties in developing your blog.
Content can also be a tool for building authority and trust. Therefore, you should provide content that can enlighten and entertain readers so that your blog will be of interest to many visitors.
After thinking hard about the content based on the topic that you will present in your blog. The next question is writing content. There are 2 ways to produce good content from your blog topic, namely creating your own content or paying for the services of a writer. 
The advantage of paying for writing services is that you don’t have to bother writing and thinking about your topic ideas. All you have to do is spend $3-$10 for English or Rp. 3,000-Rp. 50,000 for Indonesian, per article and it can be posted straight away and of course copypaste is free. The downside is that if you run out of money, your content will also stop because you don’t have creative ideas to cover the shortfall.
If you are a blogger who is just starting out, my suggestion is to write your own blog content. The daily life of a true blogger is to write, read often, follow forums that are the same as your blog topic, visit the world’s top blogs for inspiration and innovation to hone your skills and learn from them so that you can develop further.
The first time you write article content there may be many obstacles ranging from having few ideas for choosing a title, poor grammar to content that is not yet targeted at the reader. This is normal, but stay motivated, don’t complain easily and end up giving up. Keep trying and working hard so that you surpass all the boundaries of being a blogger.
Be proud of your own work, don’t depend on other people, because the essence of a blogger is to enlighten and benefit other people. Focus on a process and don’t just think about the results. 

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