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Blog Topics | Between Passion And Money What Do You Think?


Nov 17, 2015

Lately, many people have emerged to become bloggers.
Even though it is progress in the world of internet marketing, the reality is that some of them don’t understand how to start a blog and manage it. Until finally the blog ran for several months and then was abandoned due to blog topic problems.

How could some of them not complain about the blog topics they have determined. Some feel they have lost their passion for blogging, while others feel bored because their blogs are not making money.

As a blogger, the first and most important thing is to choose the right blog topic. The hope is clear that you can present articles/content regularly, with high quality and on target. That way, the blog that you manage can develop into a popular blog that is visited by many people. The first consideration is of course passion as a driving engine. However, this must be accompanied by hard work and an unyielding spirit. Blogging is a surprising thing after all.

But sometimes talking about this problem seems to invite a lot of questions. What is the right blog topic? What do you need to consider? Apart from that, what kind of motivation do you have for blogging? Passion or money.

How can a blogger not be able to write content to survive? If not, using the services of a writer could be a good solution. Even so, you still have to master the blog topic that you present to readers.

Just a suggestion, if you are just starting a blog, you should choose a blog topic that you like or at least are interested in exploring. That way, you won’t have difficulty producing content that fits the topic. Remember, the job of a blogger is to be able to write articles so that the ideas and development of writing topics become wider.

however, try to make sure the topic is something that many people are looking for. This step will attract more potential readers. You can find it for free in Google Adwords Keyword Planner. These are the most important tips and tricks for building a blog.

Apart from that, topics and keywords are an integral part of building a blog so that it is successful. The two go hand in hand and strengthen each other. Therefore, when you do keyword researchBased on these topics, ensure high monthly searches so that your target readers become wider.

So how does blogging relate to money? The reality is that problems like this cannot be processed any faster. This is because what we will build is a long-term investment. Therefore, don’t expect that within 2-3 months you will get a lot of money from your blog.

In reality, some new blogs are effective in producing results within 6 months, but this time is not a definite benchmark for whether it could be faster or slower. However, once your blog has established visitors, blog monetization (Google Adsense for example) will run easily.

As a blogger passion is the main key. However, this passion will lead your blog to be better, more popular, bring in lots of visitors and ultimately make money passively. 

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