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Benefits of the Preview Button Before Publishing Content


Jan 14, 2016

Talking about previews, of course we all know.
But in reality, only a few bloggers use it before publishing articles. I don’t know why, but if I look into it, it turns out there are several reasons why.

You definitely know that the preview button before posting content is a button to check the appearance before the article is actually made available to the public. Unfortunately, some bloggers feel lazy about clicking the preview button. How could it not be that with this button the activity of publishing articles takes longer, while just writing articles is already tiring. Of course, this is an obstacle that is often forgotten.

However, it turns out that the preview button is very useful for maintaining your credibility in the eyes of your audience.

Benefits of the Preview Button Before Publishing Content

One thing is certain, writing articles takes a lot of time.
Moreover, if you are still
practicing writing quality articles, it will certainly take longer. In situations like this, it is normal for typos to occur when you write an article, in fact this often happens to me. However, sometimes because we are lazy, we often neglect to re-read it, so we end up publishing content without re-reading it before because we are bored with the appearance of MW. Therefore, to anticipate this, a preview button is very useful. Apart from the content looking like it has actually been published, it also makes you sure that what you put out for readers is truly satisfying.

Even when you write in a state of focus and concentration, it cannot be denied that to avoid losing creative ideas we often allow typos. Of course, with the hope that we will read it again and improve it.

Apart from that, with the preview button you can also find out the image that you will publish. In the sense that you understand which part of the image is more suitable. Is it on the right, left or more beautiful in the middle.

From here you will definitely know that image size also affects the appearance of your blog. If you use a minimalist template and extra large images, sometimes the images cover part of the sidebar area. As a result, the appearance becomes less neat and less attractive, making it unsightly for readers. If you create a blog to make it an authority blog then the chances of that happening are very small.

The final benefit of the preview button is that you can find out the distance between paragraphs that will appear on your blog display. Sometimes we believe that the spacing between paragraphs is very neat, but it turns out that what appears on your blog screen is that there is a striking difference in one of the paragraph lines. As a result, the distance between paragraphs becomes disconnected as if it has no connection with the paragraph above it. If this is often ignored, it is not impossible that it will reduce the reading interest of your blog visitors.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to click the preview button before you publish content. So as not to cause disappointment and end up having to update the content even though it’s only a small mistake. That way you can become a confident blogger. How? 

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