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Benefits of keyword research that you need to know | Why?


Nov 29, 2015

It is common knowledge that before writing an article you must research keywords first.
Why? Yes, because the benefits are very important for your blog in the future. Although some bloggers already know how to research keywords properly and correctly. However, in reality there are still many bloggers who write short articles (around 200-250 words) so they have very little weight for readers.

Benefits of keyword research that you need to know |  Why?

Even though there are no prohibitions, isn’t this method playing with search engines?
For example, if you write an article about “smart ways to be smart”, of course 200 words is not enough to explain the main idea completely. It may be that the number of words is only able to accommodate an introduction such as why you have to be smart, the obstacles to being smart, or the dangers of being stupid.

If each paragraph is 50 words meaning 150 words are spent on those 3 things only then how does the amount of 200-250 words present an effective way of being smart to the reader? Obviously it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Apart from that, what about the number of keywords in it? Is it enough to compete on search engines? Do you have a chance of winning with a similar article, but with more than 1000 words?

Never mind having to go through scientific research, as a large search engine, Google will certainly prioritize those with more than 1000 words at the top. However, if you can write quality articles of 400-700 words, of course it will be a different story. Even though you have to compete fiercely, your chances of winning are still wide open. However, on condition that you have to do keyword research.

Why do you need keyword research?
What are the benefits of keyword research?

To answer, see below

1. Produce targeted articles

Keyword research has become a priority for bloggers.
If you ignore this trick then your article may also be ignored by search engines. Why? Because articles without keyword research like this are less targeted to readers and search engines. Even if you are able to write an article of more than 500 words, if it is not targeted enough, your chances of being visited will be small. As a result, your blog only decorates search engines.

Therefore, pay close attention to your article before publishing it, carefully examine the keyword content in it. Don’t let your article have unclear content and target readers. Keeping your eye on the target means you have a strong and sturdy bow to aim at the reader.

2. Get opportunities for top positions in the SERP

Although occupying the top position in the SERP is not an easy thing.
However, by doing keyword research, this becomes possible. The point is that you are looking for opportunities to get into it. In what way? Yes, by making your article reader friendly so that after getting a good response from readers it will automatically be search engine friendly.

However, this doesn’t mean that your article can immediately replace other articles. Basically, they also do keyword research and have even more experience. Therefore, don’t expect to get top ranking in search engines if you are lazy about doing keyword research. However, this method depends on your intelligence in seeing the opportunities that exist.

3. Opportunity to produce lots of articles

Try using keyword tools such as
Google Adwords for keyword research. If you type one of the keywords, various keyword derivatives will appear. However, keep in mind that the keywords you type must have a lot of searches. That way you have more opportunities to produce derivative keywords.

In this regard, you can use these keywords to compose the title of a new article. However, derivative keywords make it easier for you to dig up longtail keywords. .

Therefore, choosing a topic really determines the continuity of your blog. If the topic you are using is really busy with searches then the number of your articles will remain in 1 topic. That way it’s easy for you to make it an authority (referral) blog.

However tiring and troublesome because it takes time, in essence this method has proven to be effective for blog SEO. Therefore , don’t be careless in writing articles so that you just get tired of writing. However, the results obtained were disappointing. Keep up the enthusiasm and practice! That way, your keyword research will increase and beat your blog competitors. 

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