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Basic Things Bloggers Should Avoid


Oct 9, 2015

A blog that generates income every month is the dream of everyone who is involved in the world of blogging, how could it not be that if a blogger is serious about building his blog, then it is not impossible to earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars ($) per month.

That’s why blogs are now a promising money-making medium for anyone who is a blog master, for example, like Daniel Scocco, who can earn extraordinary income every month.

Considering that blog media is very prospective, blog owners are competing to develop the quality of their respective blogs, build blog SEO so that the blogs they build become more attractive to visitors.

They are also competing to increase the amount of content which may come from their fresh ideas or blogwalking (visiting other blogs) which are already at the master level in exploring ideas, or reading books or e-books or from other news sources.

Basic Things Bloggers Should Avoid

It is important to know that when starting a blog, pay attention to several things that must be considered when building a blog, including:

1. Copy Pasted Content

Copy paste content shows you are not ready to become a blogger.
If you fail to plan an article, it means you are planning to fail. Write your own articles and be proud of them so that you become a true blogger whose ideas do not depend on other people. However, copying and pasting is detrimental to yourself whether it is building readers’ trust or making money.

5 Dangers of Copy Paste Articles that Destroy Your Blog

2. Less interesting content

Even though the content we create is our own work, we must pay attention to the number of words in the content, because content that only contains a few is less productive to read.
Try to keep the content at least more than 400 words.

Also pay attention to the grammar you use.
Try to use standard, unique and interesting language. Bad grammar will make readers leave and not come again because they don’t know the real benefits of the content.

You should learn how to create good grammar and language style that attracts your readers.
You can start by reading quality articles from professional bloggers and paying attention to how to interact with readers through writing.


Secret Tips on How to Write Good Articles for Readers

How to Write Unique Content

3. Unclear navigation menu

The navigation menu functions to explain to readers what they can find on your blog.
Make sure your navigation menu is clear and easy for readers to understand.

4. Less Important Widgets

If you create a blog that does not aim to increase income, then whatever widget you install doesn’t matter, but I see this as something detrimental.
It’s a good idea to have a blog that can be monetized. If you choose the second one, pay attention to the widget you install. Don’t install widgets that are less important such as calendar, clock, weather, etc.

Make sure your blog is equipped with widgets that readers need. The aim is to make readers happy and feel at home on your blog for a long time.
Do you have any other suggestions to avoid? Please share here 

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