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Avoid 9 Factors That Hinder Business Success for Beginner Businesspeople


May 31, 2017

To start or build a business so that it is successful is definitely influenced by several important factors. How could it not be, you don’t just need luck or a golden opportunity to be successful. But you need hard work and smart work to succeed.

On the other hand, the perspectives on achieving success in business are very diverse.
Some people feel very optimistic because they have a clear and accurate strategy to implement. Meanwhile, others are still trying to figure out what type of strategy is best to use. So these two situations can produce different business achievements.

If you are having problems regarding your business strategy, it would be a good idea for you to avoid factors that hinder the success of your business.
That way you don’t get stuck in a situation where it’s unclear how to move forward.

Avoid 8 Factors Inhibiting Business Success for Beginners

Factors Inhibiting Business Success

1. Not thorough enough

When you intend to enter the business world, avoid being indifferent to planning issues.
business organization and control. Your lack of thoroughness regarding this problem has an impact on data and work errors easily. As a result, you have to work extra just to fix something that basically could have been avoided.

Not being careful also causes you to easily go bankrupt and give up.
Less conscientious people tend to be less trusted by others. As a result, you have difficulty finding business partners. If so, how will you develop your business?

2. Closed mind or soul

You need to realize that not everything you think is right will definitely be profitable in business.
There could be something that you haven’t thought about or overlooked so that the calculation of profits and losses is slightly off.

To avoid this risk, it is better for you to be more open to any suggestions or criticism from other people.
Indeed, what they say is not necessarily true, but at least they provide an overview of your business from a different point of view. In this way, your horizons can be opened widely to take steps that will hinder business development the least.

3. Lack of capital

Capital is often a serious obstacle for novice business people.
It is not uncommon because of this problem that many people do not want to step forward and choose to become employees.

In fact, business capital in business does not always have to come from personal capital.
There are still ways to set up a business by looking for investors who are interested in your business. So, really learn how to do business properly and correctly so that it is easy for you to gain investors’ trust.

4. Less sympathetic

In business, not everything has to be calculated using an economic system.
Indeed, at first glance, this seems detrimental. But isn’t business success also influenced by the hard work of other people (such as employees). Therefore, have a sympathetic nature towards other people. Give them a sense of satisfaction after working with various rewards, even though they are small. 

5. Lack of support from family

Sometimes the business you want to start is not in line with the thoughts of those closest to you, such as your parents.
This is legitimate because they look at it from a different angle.

Even so, don’t hesitate to start a business if you are sure about how it works, the profits and losses and the potential for success.
What you need to do is convince them to see a bright future for the business you are starting. 

6. Dishonest

In business, the nature and attitude of mutual trust are very valuable.
In fact, it is more valuable than money. Therefore, build the character and attitude of honesty towards everyone. Don’t make small mistakes that damage the trust of your business partners.

Indeed, not everything must be said honestly when doing business.
However, don’t let your business partners see your personal life as contradictory to your business life. If that happens their doubts about continuing cooperation will be slightly shaken. Won’t this hamper your business?

7. Lack of concentration

When you run a business, don’t let yourself run another business.
Indeed, logically you can do various businesses. However, it is not a wise choice if you are just starting out by combining 2 different businesses at the same time. The results you get will definitely not go as expected.

It’s better for you to concentrate on one business first.
Focus on developing your business by spending all your hard work and smart work on one goal. That way, the risk of business interruption will not occur.

8. Give up easily

Every business has to face tests and challenges.
Therefore, don’t be surprised if successful business people experience many difficulties and failures. However, don’t give up easily when faced with business problems.

Maybe at first your brain will be squeezed hard to think.
But believe that you can still achieve a bright path in business.

9. Too ambitious

Ambitious people tend not to care about the steps they take.
The most important thing for him is success which can be achieved quickly and easily. As a result, the method he applies will not be a problem even though it will destroy other people.

In conclusion, I realize that not all businesses are suitable for your character and personality.
That’s why there is a possibility that you will choose your business very carefully. However, sometimes business success can occur due to luck.

So, don’t just focus on a particular business that you like.
Try to take the type of business you don’t like into consideration too. In this way, obstacles to success in business can be avoided. 

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