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Accurate Tips on How to Increase Google Adsense Income


Oct 20, 2015
Accurate Tips on How to Increase Google Adsense Income

It is common knowledge that Google has a money-making program called Google Adsense.
Google Adsense itself is the most popular PPC (Pay Per Click) program currently. That’s why many bloggers are competing to become publishers. And what is most surprising is that some of them are willing to quit as permanent employees in an office just to become full-time bloggers.

Apart from that, it turns out that the income earned is very large.
Just imagine, an AdSense publisher can earn 100-1000 dollars per month. There are even Indonesian bloggers who earn 3000-10000 dollars per month. If you are successful in this program, you can be sure that you will become a new millionaire.
Apart from that, many bloggers copy-paste other people’s articles so that their chances of being accepted are impossible.
They don’t even care about the images or photos used. They easily take images from Google search even though they don’t know whether the image is free to use or a copyrighted image.
Apart from that, actually registering must prepare the following things to be successful.

However, unfortunately registering a blog with this program turns out to be easy and difficult.
So it’s not surprising that many beginner bloggers fail. The causes vary, ranging from inadequate content, the blog’s new age, or the number of visitors is still low.

1. Create article content with a length of 400 words, preferably 1000 words, 

2. Provide a contact page, about us, privacy policy and table of contents/sitemap.

3. Make sure that when you register you have dozens of articles with at least 30 visitors per day.

4. It is best if the blog is 6 months old.

5. Unique articles, not copy-paste.

6. Use original images/photos or from free image sites.

If you have prepared all the things above, the possibility of you becoming an AdSense publisher can be realized.
Even if it hasn’t been accepted, don’t worry because you can resubmit the blog. Of course, provided that the blog has been repaired and is worthy of being a publisher.

After your blog is officially accepted by Adsense, the next step is to build and develop it into a money-making machine.
How to? Doesn’t the commission from Adsense vary usually from 0.01-10 dollars per click. What if I only get a commission as small as 0.01 dollars per click? How many years will it take to be successful?

Don’t be pessimistic just yet because any business requires thought and hard work to be successful.
It also depends on the perpetrator himself whether he has worked effectively and efficiently. If done without a strategy, the target will just be a mission that will not be realized.

The good news is that there are several strategies that can encourage you to achieve success.
I summarize the method in the following 4 things:

1. Upgrade your AdSense account

Some people think AdSense accounts are normal.
As long as Adsense has been accepted and the income dashboard appears, everything is done. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a hosted account. This is not wrong because you can already make money with this program.

However, in reality, AdSense cannot be used on all blogs.
Hosted Adsense only supports Google products. So ads can only appear on YouTube and Blogger/Blogspot.

Apart from that, another problem arises, even though each blogspot account allows 100 blogs, it turns out that not all blogspots can have advertisements.
Every Blogspot blog must pass a second review from Google. So every Blogspot blog does not qualify automatically even though 1 blog account has been accepted.

In contrast to non-hosted accounts, Google allows all advertisements to appear on every blog you have.
It doesn’t matter the number of articles, number of visitors, or age of the blog. So, if there is a blog that only has 5 articles, or there are no definite daily visitors and the blog is still new, the ads will still appear.

What is clear is that AdSense no longer cares about the CMS used, whether Blogspot, WordPress, Tumbrl, etc.
All can be used freely.

To change a hosted account to non-hosted you must have a blog TLD (Top Level Domain or paid domain).
The blog will be used to upgrade the account to non-hosted. How to submit a blog in the status column in your AdSense account. First, pay attention to whether your TLD blog is eligible for Adsense or not because it will affect the success of the upgrade.

2. Create more than one blog

It has been mentioned above that non-hosted accounts can be installed on all blogs that you own.
And the maximum number of your blogs that can be placed with AdSense ads is 500 sites.

You should be able to make maximum use of this advantage.
So if possible, create as many websites as possible to maximize AdSense income.

However, you should build blogs one by one first.
Don’t create a lot of blogs, but have minimal planning and clear targets. If the first blog has been successful in making money regularly and consistently, then you can start building the second blog and so on.
Read: Blogging Obstacles Experienced by a Blogger.

The advantage of this method is that you will focus on managing it.
Besides that, when blogging problems arise, you can easily deal with them.

3. Using various HPK topics

It feels less interesting if you create a blog with just 1 topic.
Although in blogging it is best to choose a topic that you know and like. However, for the AdSense program, this method turns out to be less effective.

If you build 1 blog with hundreds of thousands of traffic per day, maybe it’s not a problem to have 1 blog.
However, in reality, this method can only be done by professional bloggers who have years of experience.

Therefore, you have to look for traffic from different topics.
Even though it is a little complicated and drains energy and thought, this method can increase AdSense income.

Choose HPK (High Paying Keyword) topics such as SEO, acne, internet, education, online business, and others.
For more details, you can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner. You can tweak the tool for your target.

4. Create an English blog

It cannot be denied that something global is more popular than something local.
So it is not surprising that the global one is more valuable than the other one. Likewise with English which is an international language.

Even though you work hard, the reality is that the English adsense commission is bigger than Indonesian.
This is understandable because English language blogs are commonly used by developed countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that the commission is large.

The comparison is no joke.
1 click on a new English blog commission can be comparable to 5-10 clicks on an Indonesian blog commission. In some HPK topics, the differences are even higher.

Choosing a blog language is indeed a choice, but if you see opportunities for success in other languages, you should take advantage of them.
There are also many Indonesian bloggers who create blogs in Indonesian and English.

In conclusion, to make money from Google Adsense you need the right blog building strategy.
I think the 4 methods above are quite effective in increasing your AdSense income. Therefore, even though we come from Indonesia, it does not prevent us from being successful on the internet. Do you have any other suggestions? Please share. 

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