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Accurate Tips on How to Get Google SiteLinks Quickly


Aug 20, 2016

For a blogger who wants a blog to appear with high credibility, of course having a sitelink is a requirement.
How could it not be that with sitelinks the blog will look more compatible and worthy of being a reference for visitors. Apart from that, it also shows that the blog is unique and interesting. Google also has more confidence in the quality of the blog in certain keywords. This means that the blog can represent the top keywords on search engines.

Unfortunately, not all blogs on the internet have sitelinks.
As a result, when you type certain keywords in the browser, only the target page appears. Even though the keywords typed are the same as the blog name. Isn’t this sad?

However, don’t worry first about your blog not having a sitelink.
Actually, this can be realized in a relatively short time as long as your blog meets several criteria which I will discuss.

Before discussing how to get it, do you know what a sitelink is?

Sitelinks – site links – are a collection of links that appear in search engine search results under a blog.
Sitelinks like this are useful for providing an explanation of the material on which the blog was created and published. So when there is a sitelink, internet users immediately know that the blog discusses clear and focused material.

Accurate Tips on How to Get Google SiteLinks Quickly

Effective tips on how to get Google sitelinks

1. Pay attention to the blog name and blog address

One of the mistakes a blogger makes is using a blog name that is different from the blog address.
It’s not a big problem because it doesn’t deindex your blog from the Google search engine, but this has a negative impact on your blog if you really want credibility.

Therefore, don’t be careless in choosing a blog address and blog name.
Make sure your blog address is composed of unique and quality words. Some people ignore this and raise blogs with incompatible site addresses such as ”
TipsBlogGueBanget.com or TipsBlogGueBanget.blogspot.co.id “.

If it’s like that, you will definitely be hesitant to use the blog address as the blog name.
However, if the blog name is significantly different from the blog address, the sitelink will not follow. However, if the blog name is the same then you can be sure the blog will show a sitelink when the keyword is typed. As long as there are no other blogs that are similar and of higher quality than your blog.

So, for example, if you use the blog name ”
Gue Blogging Tips ” then the blog will definitely not have a sitelink even if you have hundreds of articles. However, if you use the blog name ” Gue Banget Blog Tips ” then the blog sitelink will definitely appear a few minutes later.

2. Create a clear and simple navigation menu

To make it easier for potential visitors, you need to add a navigation menu.
This aims to ensure that readers are not confused when visiting the site. Apart from that, it is also a sign that the site complies with Google policies.

Apart from the navigation menu that will be created, try to make the menu look simple and clear.
No need for lots of widgets or accessories in it. The most important thing is there is a home menu, contact, table of contents, about and privacy policy page. For the widget itself, adding popular articles, newest articles and categories, I think is enough. It’s also a good idea to have a menu of related articles below the post to make it more interesting. If you have done this, then getting a sitelink is just a matter of waiting for the index from Google.

3. Create unique and original content

However, Google really appreciates unique and original work.
Therefore, in order for your blog to get a sitelink, make your blog different from the others. However, don’t ignore the quality of the content you have. It must be clearly useful, but at least readers spend at least 5-10 minutes visiting the site to read the site pages.

If your content only has less than 400 words per post, it will be difficult to get sitelinks.
Of course, this is different if you have a small number of posts (minimum 60 articles). However, if the number of words per post is above 700 words, you can get a sitelink as long as the blog is old enough (at least 6 months). You should also note that the number of visitors per day is not the main reason why blogs get sitelinks because my blog with a number of visitors per day under 50 unique visitors per day already has a sitelink. For example, this site
is HealthyTipsSlang.com with the keyword ” Healthy Tips Slang “.

Accurate Tips on How to Get Google SiteLinks Quickly

4. Focus on one topic

Actually, to be able to display blog sitelinks in search engines, you don’t have to discuss a specific topic.
Why? Because this does not apply to news portal sites such as Detik, Kompas, Okezone or Suara Merdeka.

However, don’t expect your blog to be like theirs.
They manage blogs with tens or hundreds of authors so that the articles produced reach thousands. So it is not surprising that one topic from a portal site can contain hundreds of articles. With a method like this, it is not strange if the site has a sitelink.

As for those of you who want to have a sitelink on a personal blog, I highly recommend focusing on one particular topic.
This aims to ensure that the keywords you are targeting can be large in number and targeted. That way sitelinks can appear more quickly. Also try to make sure the number of words in each article you write is more than 800 words. Why is that? Because even though your article is small, around 40, by focusing on a specific topic and meeting the word count, you can get a sitelink.

5. Register the blog on Google’s Webmaster Tools

To make it easier for Google to index your blog, register your site with Google Webmaster Tool.
After that, add a sitemap to it. In this case you can use “
RSS.XML , ATOM.XML or SITEMAP.XML as well as atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 . With a sitemap like this, every time you update a post it will immediately be reported to the Google search engine.

If your site does not use the Blogger platform, but WordPress.org, then you can use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
After that, keep updating the posts so that there are more and more, and soon your blog will get a sitelink.

In conclusion, although some people don’t care about sitelinks because they feel that blogs are already making money.
However, it is still a matter of blog credibility that must be pursued so that visitors feel proud and satisfied visiting our blog. Therefore, a blog
getting sitelinks quickly is a must so that the blog becomes an authority. 

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