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A strong reason to build a blog that focuses on one topic


Jan 20, 2016

Shows positive developments when blogs become a new magnet in the internet world, especially in the field of writing.
But unfortunately not all bloggers choose to focus on one topic/niche. Even though they have the ability to build it.
It is true that there is no prohibition against building blogs with a variety of different topics, but if seen from the perspective of readers/visitors, it is certainly not the right site for digging up information.
Even though the information provided is of high quality. However, not focusing on building a blog on one topic/niche makes readers reluctant to visit again. Especially if one of the topics discussed only contains a few short articles.

Among the options is to create a blog with a variety of topics that are not related to each other.
Try to imagine that on one hand they are discussing health, but on the other hand they are also discussing how to write articles, motivation or gadgets.

Therefore building a blog that focuses on one topic is important and a wise choice in the long term.
It was indeed difficult at first to write articles. However, with the correct
Keyword Research Method, everything can be resolved correctly and quickly.

Reasons to build a blog that focuses on one topic / niche

1. More targeted visitors

In the internet world, every blog topic or niche has its own area that is more specific to its readers.
Therefore, you should build a blog that is more specific in publishing articles. Indeed, the articles that will be published will only discuss one topic with a narrow target readership. However, this does not mean that the prospect of visitors will decrease. In fact, many professional bloggers focus on building blogs in one topic/niche.

Maybe you already know Daniel Scocco’s blog (Dailyblogtips.com), he only discusses blogging and SEO.
What happened? The blog he built has become a reference for many beginner bloggers like me. It does take a process and time, but from that all your blog visitors are more targeted and want to visit again. The number of daily visitors is relatively large, with a high pagerank and a small Alexa, so it is not surprising that this blog is the choice for bloggers to post comments to get backlinks.

2. It’s easier to develop

Is it true that building a blog with many topics is easier than a blog that focuses on one topic?

Some people argue that building a blog with many topics provides more space to produce more articles.
Therefore, it is not uncommon to find a blog that discusses 5-7 different topics. The hope is clear that blog readers can come from several different sources.

Apart from that, it turns out that building a blog that focuses on one topic is more profitable.
Why? Try to imagine if your blog contains articles with detailed discussions about a topic. You don’t need to think about looking for new article ideas that you haven’t mastered yet. You just have to search
sources of inspiration for writing blog articles. As for the article title, you can use a free longtail keyword tool such askeywordtool.io . However, focusing on one thing is a surefire tactic for success in a blog.

3. Opportunity to become an authority blog

It would be a reader’s happiness to get a blog that focuses on one topic.
They search for an article they want and get another bonus article to complement it. This is where an authority blog begins.

It’s not easy to build an authority blog, but if you are serious and focused on writing articles, I’m sure you can get it.
What’s more, what you are doing is a series of processes to build the reader’s confidence about the material you have mastered. It does take time, but this way your plan to make your blog an authority can come true quickly.

4. Higher Profit Opportunities

It cannot be denied that
the Google Adsense Program has hypnotized most bloggers to create money-making blogs. Taking off with a blog on any topic is indeed the prospect of making money, but if you refer to the experience of senior bloggers, the chances of profit from blogs that focus on one topic are higher. Why?

Obviously, in the Adsense program, an advertiser prefers blogs that have a direct advertising relationship.
That way, the prospect of readers visiting the advertiser’s site is greater. That’s what makes blogs that focus on one topic have bigger commissions.

This is different from blogs with various topics / niches or hodgepodge blogs.
When there are no advertisements that match the existing article, Google Adsense can display public service advertisements which of course, even if you click them, you will not get a commission.

5. Compete on SERPs Easier

It’s nothing new that a blog that focuses on one topic can easily compete on Google SERPs.
This happens because the articles you have written are so numerous that there are tens or hundreds of them. Apart from that, it is also influenced by the number of keywords on the blog.

When you continue to write targeted articles on one topic, you will gradually increase the number of keywords that are read in search engines and double their quality.
Therefore, it is not surprising that a blog like this can have a good position in the SERP.


However, the choice is up to you.
Trying to start a blog with various topics is also okay. However, that’s just a suggestion if you already know
how to write articles well for readersthen start creating and building a blog that focuses on one topic. That way, your opportunity to become a successful blogger and become a reference for many people will be realized. How? 

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