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9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles that Refresh Your Mind


Jun 28, 2015

Writing articles is the main habit of a blogger.
By writing, a blogger will be able to develop and produce good, quality article content. It is also through writing that a blogger can assess how high the level of writing ability they


The aim of writing articles is clearly to attract as many readers as possible so that it will be able to increase the number of visitors who come.
Blogs with lots of visits and page views are a benchmark that the article content written is truly of interest to readers.

But what if one day you have difficulty writing articles because of a lack of sources of information and fresh ideas to inspire you don’t come?
Of course, this problem is felt by almost all bloggers, both professional bloggers, let alone beginner bloggers.

When this incident lasts too long, it will gradually reduce visitors’ interest in reading your article.
Readers tend to be happy with articles that are updated and regularly scheduled. You must immediately find a breakthrough to keep your loyal readers.

9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles that Refresh Your Mind

To overcome the various problems above, there are at least several sources of inspiration to be able to produce articles on your blog.

Source of inspiration for writing articles

1.  Blog

As a writing medium that has developed very significantly, blogs have become a useful source of information to visit.
Blogs with all their advantages and disadvantages offer broader knowledge to learn. Blogs on the internet are very diverse according to the discussion topics they present. The topic of the blog usually depends on hobbies, work, interests, and goals of the owner.

By visiting various blogs that have similar topics to your blog’s topic, sources of inspiration can be obtained either because of the article title, discussion, or the way they discuss it.
By reading other people’s blogs you will start to discover new things that have not been revealed and written on your blog.

2. Books / Ebooks

Books have been a bridge to knowledge for a long time.
By reading books your knowledge will become broader and more complex. Reading books regularly will stimulate the brain to innovate and be more creative in developing a source of ideas.

Some people become popular and special because they read a lot, even if it is done by ordinary people.
Like Albert Einstein, who studied autodidactically to become famous throughout the world to this day. The knowledge he provides has even become a reference in the world of education.

Ebooks are almost the same as books, but in the form of digital goods.
There are many good ebooks on the internet as reference material. Many of them are paid, but there are also many that can be obtained for free.

3. Internet Discussion Forums

Discussion forums began to appear on the internet and developed rapidly.
There are people on the forums who are having problems like yours. Therefore they look for solutions in the forum.

Various problem discussions will be visible to all members until a member can answer the problem.
Join several well-known forums that match the topic of your blog. Being interactive regularly can be a good source of writing inspiration.

4. Social Media

In contrast to forums which specifically discuss certain topics, social media interacts by creating statuses and comments.
Social media is not limited to certain topics to be discussed. However, you can get sources of inspiration from here, such as Facebook, which provides group services based on certain topics. You can join groups that have the same topic as your blog.

Or Twitter by becoming a follower of other people who have the same topic as you.
Through their tweets you will easily get inspiration to write for your blog.

5. Actual Events on the Internet

You can also use current/booming events as inspiration for writing.
Some bloggers even use actual events as their reference for writing. You can get actual events with the Google Trend application. With this you can find out the latest events throughout the world or just by country. 

6. Newspapers / Magazines

Newspapers/magazines are sources of news that regularly circulate in society.
Through this source, people quickly search for information about what is happening around them. Utilizing these two sources (new or old newspapers/magazines) will give rise to new ideas that can inspire you to write.

7. Common Foreign Words

To generate new ideas, foreign words that people often talk about can be another source of inspiration.
With these words you can be creative with your own imagination.

8. Strange Things

Something unique and interesting happening is enough for you to be able to write inspirational and creative writing.
People nowadays are starting to like strange things because humans have an extraordinarily high curiosity.

9. Workshops / Seminars

Workshops/seminars also allow you to get writing inspiration from the speaker.
Several workshops/seminars have emerged and are in demand as alternative steps to find additional ideas that have not been revealed due to lack of knowledge and experience.

Armed with sincerity and patience from
the 9 sources of inspiration for writing articles above, you will definitely be able to come up with fresh, useful ideas. The main key in developing writing skills is continuous practice, so you will know how to write unique and interesting content. 

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