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9 Smart Reasons to Start Blogging / Blogging Now


Oct 21, 2017

When the development of the internet is getting faster, the most recommended activity is blogging or blogging. How could it not be, there are many benefits that can be gained from this progress. In fact, if you can use blog media intelligently, there is a big chance that you can achieve success.

Unfortunately, there are still some internet users who are not familiar with the term blogging. This is natural, especially if they are more familiar with social media such as Facebook. So it’s not surprising that they don’t have the desire to start a blog or personal website.

However, it’s actually not right if you don’t want to start blogging now and you prefer to focus on posting less useful statuses on social media. So don’t blame yourself if in the next few years you will be left behind and delayed in achieving a dream or hope.

9 Smart Reasons to Start Blogging / Blogging Now

Smart reasons to start blogging now

1. Getting started is very easy and cheap

Maybe you are afraid to start a personal blog because you don’t think you can create one.
Even though creating a personal blog can be said to be quite easy and you can do it yourself. As a first step, you can try creating a blog on Google’s free platform, namely Blogspot (Blogger.com). There are also many bloggers who rely on this free platform as a blogging medium and they are quite successful. So, your blog will be “your-blog-name.blogspot.com”.

However, if you want to create a more professional blog, you can try a custom domain on Blogspot by buying a paid domain. So, your blog will become “your-blog-name.com”.

Don’t worry because the price of a paid domain is quite cheap, around 110-140 thousand rupiah per year. Eith, there is also good news because some hosting and domain service sites sometimes provide discounts of up to 30% from the normal price. So, it could be said that you should not rush to buy a paid domain (TLD- Top Level Domain) if your funds are still limited.

However, if you are sure that you want to create a blog by renting hosting and a TLD domain, then there are 3 hosting and domain rental service sites that I recommend. Among them are ” DewaWeb.com “, ” NiagaHoster.co.id “, and ” Domainesia.com “. As for the price, it ranges from 170-240 thousand per year and even includes paid domains (“.Com”, “.Net”, “.Org”, etc.).

2. Does not require high level writing skills

Basically there are no special standards that must be met when creating a blog.
In fact, anyone is free to create a blog and manage it according to their new writing skills. That’s why if you look at some of the blogs on the internet, there will definitely be some blogs whose writing is just ordinary or with limited writing skills.

Regarding blog writing, it is highly recommended that you write articles of more than 300 words. For those of you who are writing an article for the first time, it may be a little difficult to produce an article with that number of words. However, it’s a good idea to try hard to make it happen and consider it a challenge that you have to overcome.

Even if you can’t, you can also post short articles accompanied by pictures or videos. While you are doing this, try to learn to write longer articles. To make this easier, it is highly recommended that you often read other people’s blog articles, articles in newspapers, articles in online news media, etc.

However, if it turns out that you really have difficulty learning to write articles, then you can buy an ebook that talks about how to write articles. There are several ebooks that you can consider buying, such as Skipper Articles and SEO Writing .

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3. A place to share information and knowledge

I mentioned above that writing skills are not the main requirement when creating a blog.
Actually, in blog content you can write various information and knowledge that is useful to other people. The information here does not mean it has to be hot news that is being published in various mass media. You can write down information about something that is happening around you, such as information on addresses of various shops or food stalls.

As for sharing knowledge, you can write about knowledge about the world of animal husbandry. Discusses how to choose good livestock, tips for buying cheap livestock, or how to breed livestock effectively and efficiently.

What’s clear is just write down the hottest events around the city where you live. Don’t be fixated on the perspective of having to provide very scientific information and knowledge. Being confined by this assumption will make it difficult for you to regularly post articles on your blog. Try to publish articles regularly even if it is not perfect writing.

4. Can be done anywhere

One of the privileges of a blogger is being able to work according to the time you want.
It’s like an employee working 8 hours a day from 8 am to 4 pm has become mandatory. However, this does not apply to a blogger.

Reality proves that a blogger can choose any time to work, be it morning, afternoon, afternoon or evening. Even that can be said to have a small possibility of disrupting your main job.

If you are busy during the day then you can blog in the afternoon or evening. If you are busy at the office then you can blog at home. You can even do blogging during your time traveling far away. So, when do you want to start blogging?

5. Increase self-confidence and optimism

Are you someone who is shy and lacks the confidence to show your talents and potential?
Some people can get out of this problem because of the help of other people, but it is not uncommon for others to remain trapped in this circle because they don’t know what to do.

Related to this, creating a personal blog and starting to post articles can more or less reduce the level of shyness and lack of self-confidence. Believe it or not, some people choose to become bloggers because they feel less confident when interacting with other people. Therefore, they choose other ways so they can interact with lots of people and have fun doing it.

Apart from that, some people feel that they face great difficulties when talking about success. Some feel inferior and pessimistic about achieving success because they feel the path they are taking is too complicated and tiring. Especially if you look at the problem that the time that must be sacrificed is not commensurate with the increase in performance. So it is not surprising if they think that success is only limited to certain people and not themselves.

It’s different if you immediately have a blog and are ready to manage it. What you will do is gradually direct the mindset that success is close. That is the reason why bloggers are willing to work hard because it has been ingrained in their hearts and brains that success can be realized by anyone.

6. Become a new researcher

When you are involved in the world of writing on a blog, you will subconsciously try to find sufficient reference material for the article material.
From here it can be seen that you will only present articles that are worthy of accountability regarding their scientific knowledge.

The longer you manage your blog, the greater the number of articles on your blog. As you become more familiar with writing articles on the same material or topic, there is a greater chance that what you learn will make you a good researcher. Remember that some people have to acquire certain knowledge to be called experts in their field. So in fact, if you have acquired certain knowledge which is then manifested in a series of blog articles then you could be said to be an expert in that field.

7. Become a new inspiration

Do you believe that by sharing information and knowledge on your blog you will become an inspiration?

Many people think that blogging activities will make someone interact less with other people around them. This may be true because busy blogging often makes the perpetrator feel comfortable writing and generating new creative ideas.

Apart from that, the goodness spread through blog media has proven to bring a breath of fresh air to its readers. This is proven by their appreciation for the blog posts which can solve their problems or open up new solutions that they have not thought of.

8. Gaining popularity

When you enter the world of the internet, you will definitely introduce yourself to many people, both in Indonesia and globally.
Regarding this, the article posts that you publish on your blog become a strong magnet for building personal branding.

Regardless of the writing skills you have, it actually only influences whether or not you quickly gain public trust. Especially if you are able to present quality content to them. So it can be concluded that you can more easily and quickly get strong personal branding.

When your personal branding has been formed in the minds of internet users, your popularity will be even higher. From this perspective, you should quickly start a personal blog. For this problem, there is a product that I recommend to you, namely the Personal Branding Online Course .

9. Place to make money

The internet is a gateway to making really great money.
This happens because almost every city in the world can access the internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that the potential for internet trading is increasing every year.

Actually, there are various ways to make money via the internet, but perhaps the ones you hear most often are selling online or advertising programs such as Google Adsense and Facebook Ads. Want to practice directly on Facebook? The Beginner’s Facebook Ads Guide product could be your solution.

Whatever your medium for making money online, a blog is enough to be the main medium. If you sell on the internet then direct them to your blog/website. If you take part in the Google Adsense program, the requirement to become a publisher is to have a blog. If you want to sell with Facebook ads, your website will be your main weapon for personal branding.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you can manage a blog or not, it should not be a burden. But make it a space for you to learn new things that have the potential to lead you to become a successful and accomplished blogger. That way, steps towards your biggest dream can be realized. 

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